What’s New from Raf Simons for Fred Perry Is Here

We have new Alliance of brand name and designer and the of RAF Simons with Fred Perry does not catch us unprepared because on more than one occasion they have collaborated on a collection. What has prepared us this time?

The Belgian designer brings us a spring-summer 2014 where bottlenecks are the absolute protagonists, and it is that we did not expect anything else being distinguished brand of poles. Let’s see the result together…

This summer you can not miss you a handkerchief

What's New from Raf Simons for Fred Perry Is Here 1

Do you want to decorate your necks with scarves? RAF Simons wants that we let’s them and also nothing of opt for something sober and neutral. More spring prints are installed as a complement and icing to our look.

We play with the mix color and with the also mixture of prints, key piece of recent seasons. To make us crazy with prints!

The quality of a polo Fred Perry noticed in tissues and in the Court of the same. As it could not be otherwise the quality comes up to the way in which the necks are built.

Coats, life tastes better

What's New from Raf Simons for Fred Perry Is Here 2

Another key of this collaboration is how played overlapping layers of different cuts, mostly to keep playing with the mixture of tones. Sometimes it seems too busy.

Not moles and Yes to the squares, that of the polka dots, dots or spots It is worked by all, he must have thought Raf. Now it is the turn of pictures, print decorating Polo shirts and jackets.

Halftime, a success jacket

One of the most popular clothes of spring are those jackets where we already observe a decrease in thickness in the tissue but are essential to protect us from those days with lower temperatures. This I liked. It also shows that it is not only ‘polo’ all that glitters in Fred Perry.

What's New from Raf Simons for Fred Perry Is Here 3

Do you feel like spring?