What to See in Indonesia

Mataram, Lombok island (Indonesia)

Biak, Biak island (Indonesia)

Biak is located on the island of the same name. This island is located north of the northwest coast of New Guinea. Biak is an Indonesian naval base, and during the Second World War, hostilities took place here. This is evidenced by the Japanese caves, where Japanese soldiers were hiding, as well as numerous ships and planes sunk in the local waters. To date, about 65 wrecks, mostly Japanese, and 35 aircraft, mostly American, have already been discovered. Biak known as a habitat for birds of paradise, in the eastern part of the island you can watch them, as well as Mamburuk parrots and cassowaries. Protected areas in the tropical forests of Yapen Island, which is located south of Biak Island, are also suitable for bird study.

In the vicinity of the city and on the island itself there are sandy beaches (composed of white sand). The most popular of them are Bosnik (located 3 km east of the city), Korem (located 40 km north of Biak) and Jendik (3 km west of the city).

Biak is a great place for diving. The coastal waters contain coral reefs, vertical deep water walls, shipwrecks and aircraft wrecks. East of Biak small islands are located under the general name Padaido, and in the northwest along the coast of the island of New Guinea, the Raja Empat region, surrounded by reefs, stretches. Underwater visibility in the vicinity of Biak is 15-25 meters.

In Raja Empat, you can see hard and soft corals with a wide variety of marine life – Sargas frogfish, carpet shark, epaulet cat shark, which reaches a body length of only 30 cm, giant clams, barracudas, kabubas and surgeon fish.

On the Sardine reef, which descends to a depth of 33 meters, whole flocks of fish swim, so that sometimes they close the daylight with themselves. Trigger fish, parrot fish, squirrel fish and anemones are found here.

Of the sunken ships, the most popular is the Shinwa Maru. This is a 120-meter Japanese ship that sank in 1943 as a result of an air raid. It lies at a depth of 34 meters. Cables, telegraph installations and building materials have been preserved on the ship, all this is not yet too overgrown with corals.

A very interesting place called Cross Wreck. Here, at a depth of 18 m, lies a patrol ship from the Second World War that was blown up by a mine. The ship has a well-preserved wheelhouse with a telegraph, machine guns and torpedo launchers, and giant Napoleon wrasses swim nearby.

Bima, Sumbawa island (Indonesia)

According to Act-Test-Centers, Bima is located on the northern coast of Sumbawa Island. This is one of the stops on the cruise route from Bali to Komodo National Park. In the city itself, the city harbor is interesting; Sima Palace in the center of the city, which was once the residence of the Sultan, and now there is a museum where jewels belonging to the royal family are exhibited; as well as the city market. The airport is located 10 km from Bima. In the vicinity of the city there are beaches where you can sunbathe and swim, these are the beaches of Lavat, 4 km south of Bima, where the sultans used to rest, Sarae Mii, Wayne, Ole and Vadu Paa.

West of the coast of Bima the highlands of Dongo are located, where the village of the same name is located – the oldest village in this region. The local residents are engaged in agriculture, and also keep and pass on from generation to generation the tradition of hand-weaving fabric. Here you can get acquainted with the technology of weaving and buy fabric samples. There are several diving sites

near the city harbor of Bima. Five kilometers away is the coral wall of Tanjung Batuputih. It descends to a depth of 40 meters, visibility here varies from 15 to 25 meters. Going down along the wall, you can see blue-and-yellow angelfish, mirror bass, two-meter rays or white sharks.

45 km east of Bima Sangeang Island is located. It is a volcanic island with an active volcano in the center of it. The depth of diving in coastal waters is 20-25 meters, visibility reaches 20 meters. Here in the coral reefs you can see ribbon eels, kauri with their beautiful shells and underwater spiders.

Mataram, Lombok island (Indonesia)

The city of Mataram is located in the west of the island of Lombok . This is the commercial center of the island, so there are many administrative buildings, and there is an international airport in Mataram. Together with the cities of Ampenan (a major port of the island of Lombok on the west coast) and Kakranegara, it forms a large urban agglomeration. Lombok’s largest temple, Pura Meru, is located in Kakranegara.. The temple was built in 1720 in honor of the gods Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. It consists of three pagodas, which are lined up from north to south. The northernmost (in honor of the god Vishnu) has a roof of 9 tiers, the middle one (in honor of Shiva) has a roof of 11 rows, and the southern one (in honor of Brahma) has a roof of 7 rows. Not far from this complex is Taman Mayura, this place was once part of the royal palace. Here, in the middle of the lake, there is a pavilion where religious rituals used to be held.

Batu Bolong beach is located 9 km from Mataram on the coast near the cliff. The name of the beach means “rock with a cave” in translation, and in fact there is a small cave in this rock. At the top of the cliff stands a Hindu temple, overlooking the volcano Agun, which is located on the neighboring island of Bali. Colorful religious ceremonies are constantly held in this temple.

Slightly to the north, 2 km along the coast, is one of the oldest resorts in Lombok – Senggigi. Here in small bays you can relax on quiet beaches with white sand. The central part of the resort is a great place for surfing, but only suitable for experienced surfers due to the proximity of coral reefs. These reefs will also be of interest to diving enthusiasts. The main places for diving are the coast of the hotel in the town of Kerandagan and the nearby Gili Islands, where diving tours are arranged for the whole day or overnight. Diving depth ranges from 10 to 50 meters, and visibility can reach 30 m. In addition to the usual inhabitants of coral reefs, turtles can be seen here.

From Mataram by bus or bemo you can get to the settlement of Anyara, from where it is easy to get to Senara. In Senar there is a hiking center for Gunung Rinjani National Park, which occupies almost the entire northern part of the island of Lombok, its area is 41,300 hectares. The national park is famous for the fact that the third highest volcano in Indonesia, Rinjani, is located here. (3726 m). The caldera of this volcano is filled with Lake Segara Anak. The lake has an oval shape, its average diameter is 7 km. This is a very beautiful place, here you can see the endemic species of ducks – Belibis. The last eruptions that took place in the 90s of the 20th century formed a Gunung Baru cone in the middle of the lake, from where lava flowed directly into it. For the locals, this is a sacred place. Hundreds of pilgrims come here to bathe in the hot springs of Eik Kalak. Their sulfate waters are believed to have healing powers. There is a belief that on the very peak of Rinjani lives the queen of spirits and the ruler of the mountain Devi Anjani. It is believed that she was the daughter of one of the kings of the island, but when he did not allow her to marry his beloved, she drowned herself in one of the local springs. Tours usually end on the east coast of the island. Lombok in the city of Sembalun Lawang.

Mataram, Lombok island (Indonesia)