What The Watchmaker Has To Offer

Now he is there; The Hebst has arrived and it is no longer conceivable that it becomes colder, fogier and, above all, darker. I do not like it, because I just got used to the summer, which has been waiting so long this year. But autumn is one of the most important times when it comes to fashion, as the upcoming trends of the next Sanzen are presented here, and even more new ones are emerging, of which we have no idea at the moment.

What The Watchmaker Has To Offer 1

But so far I do not want to pretend here, but rather focus on what this autumn has to offer in terms of watches, trends and tendencies. With us ladies this is always easy, we know exactly what we like and are usually also a wonderful inspiration for all the designers who read us in their designs all wishes from the eyes and implement them directly. It is striking that this autumn there is not one trend. There are several nuances that sneak through the new collections and, in their entirety, form the big picture. First of all, it is probably due to the darker seasons that the colors are again rather laid back and restrained.

What The Watchmaker Has To Offer 2

The time of the bright and conspicuous colors is not quite over, but moves more and more into the background. Angular watches are again on the advance and in all possible variants. Leather bracelets, stainless steel and plastic materials are permitted for making a sports wristwatch. The colors are as already mentioned rather covered, ranging from Brauntönen and blue to the classic black, which is a very big theme in this season. But, of course, even friends of bright tones get their money’s worth, because turquoise and colorful watches are still present.

What The Watchmaker Has To Offer 3

For the males, it looks a little easier, respectively, the trends are always quite constant. It is only about the choice sporty or classic and there are both variants this season is equally announced. Meanwhile it is also no NoGo to the evening dress the rather sporty variant to bear and vice versa the same. In contrast to the ladies it may be a little bigger with the men, when it comes to the appropriate case. XXL chronographs in all possible phenomena are the defining theme. Brown and black are tone-setting, but also gold and silver are all-time classics.