What Is Yolo

Yolo is an abbreviation in English that became a motto showing the meaning “You Only Live Once”, in which the translation into Portuguese means “you only live once”.

What Is Yolo

This term is a slang of the internet very popular due to their use by members of multiple social networks that placed or practiced this idea or ideal in their lives.

This motto became popular more in the world of youth, in which his style of life is more dynamic and more relaxed, enjoying what life has to offer.

Otherwise, we can say that this term can apply the same connotation of the expression carpe diem. This means that, for both terms, the people must make the most of each one of the moments that they are given.

What Is Yolo 1

Although this term means something that expresses the sense of freedom, your idea can be associated with actions and risks not calculated. It is very common for young people who think this way are experiencing irresponsible behaviour, putting themselves at risk, in addition to put at risk anyone who accompanies them. The risks, in this case, can be both physical and psychological.

Is the slang term gained more notoriety due to the great success that has made hip hop music “The motto”. She performed by american singer – Drake.

But the real origin of this acronym is until today unknown. Some people say that this motto was created by Adam Mesh of the reality show The Average Joy, around 2004. Already other people claim categorically that already existed in mid-1993, a brand with this motto short.

What Is Yolo 2

As is usual with slogans, acronyms, and slang that are created and popularized on the internet, Yolo has received various criticisms, being also very rejected not only by the idea, but more a slang term in the internet world.

And it is actually very common for the emergence of slang on the internet, as well as that of their memes. With the motto Yolo, was not different, had as much success as the slang term “Swag”.

The amount of memes that have appeared bringing this motto was not a surprise.

What Is Yolo 3

Other songs have also been composed by using this motto, or using the initials, but with different words, as is the case of the song “You Oughta Look Out”, which means “You should be careful”. This kind of music is actually a parody with the theme of the original, because the translation and the letter indicate that we must be careful with the risks that we take, because life is only one.