What is Vintage Fashion

Vintage Fashion, Explanation

Vintage Fashion

Tour first as it is the beginning and much Welcome all to my blog Vintage fashion!!

I’m super fan of vintage fashion, inspired looks, retro with a touch of English style, my favorite are the ethnic clothes of the seventies and sixties, sometimes Reto, sometimes bohemian, sometimes bohemian. My favorite looks vintage inspired s movie stars. The word comes from the English, they were used for collection or art pieces but then developed fashionable and it is often used to refer to time until year 80. Now the vintage fashion is widely used in fashion and it’s the same on my blog because I love the look and understand them better, because there are history with vintage!!

Definition vintage

Called vintage clothes that are collector’s items, old or anvien style, a somewhat nostalgic idea of ​​designer pieces from past decades and a bit old but looks super modern. Nothing is more likely than the vintage is made new with the old and important to heat our looks. The authentic style is the one who really lived but to avoid having a look too much Deschiens opt for the new and beautiful fabrics that feel good to me this is not a problem, the vintage is a style and a view mode that is experienced and there is no rule in this area.

What is Vintage Fashion 1

The colors are vintage brown, beige, cream, but also the red, green and black. Can then degrade the colors. Think of the seventies wallpaper and you’re there. Retro colors are rather warm colors, the vintage has even more style worn in winter. In summer the vintage also carries mini version! Jeans are a staple of the vintage retro fashion.

What a vintage look

Must have a vintage look old air, as ethnic bags I love ethnic clothing, jeans, leather, embroidery and crochet clothes, pants leg effect maxi skirts but still loess long shirt , overalls, skirts min with leather boots. The base size and ultra long pants and lagre but everything to flower, the maxi jewelry with necklace, large flower ring, velvet I love. But there is also sticky, ethnic tunics with belts hair accessories braid and long hair with center parting.

Vintage accessories

Vintage accessories like retro style eyeglasses are super large suns, leather bags but everything bag or shoulder bag or mini clutch bag embroidered bags genre. Vintage accessories are many accessories and hair jewelry because at the time it was important to build on a look from head to foot and hair accessories were no exception. This is also an art. Whether headband, hair scarf, clips or barrettes but any kind of newsboy hat or fashion berets.

Vintage and leather

What is Vintage Fashion 2

To have a vintage look to have real leather on oneself is essential, boxes of a handbag or a skirt in suede or leather jewelry. The leather is always vintage and retro they are must-have in this area. Besides genuine leather fashion accessories made by leather craftsmen are always magnificent as this material is truly magical.

Each vintage sound

Everyone has their idea of ​​vintage and retro for me this mode is timeless and ad u style with floral prints and colors vintage brown, beige, orange and so happy chic!!

 Flea, long live the vintage

So your markets to find a chip for small artisanal leather bag or a pair of designer boots with mini skirt with orange prints, asymmetrical white and brown ultra fashionable trend you. Treat yourself as the vintage and wear a retro look that is an art which is not given to everyone. Vintage fashion is authentic and it is so beautiful that’s why I love him so much and I can not do without you talk and give you fashion tips for successful look if you need it and you look for ideas , advice or just to share your passion with me!!

What is Vintage Fashion 3

Welcome to this blog vintage fashion to all fashionistas and fashionistas who love retro fashion and want to talk!! Lively fashion and fashion trends.