What Is to Return

Return is a word of the dictionary for brazilian Portuguese that is sorting grammatically as a transitive verb law and bitransitivo.

What Is to Return

Return is a term that means to give back, give back or repay. This term can be used referring to any thing or any situation, being about something material, immaterial), going up to situations metafisicas.

The meaning of return can best be understood as the need to take something back, and can be best seen when we use this term in an expression, in a prayer which make direct use of the meaning of this word, as for example: “Return my cart, Peter”

We can use return to indicate that we will answer a question or a reproach, returning to the one who first proclaimed a sentence or question, a response that carries the objective of addressing the argument that started it all.

We can better see this in action when we practice the examples of return, ranging from simple situations to attempts more complex, as for example:

What Is to Return 1

“You went away and took my heart, you need to return what you took of min”

“He does not want to return my Iphone, will end up spending the whole battery”

“She will not return to the cynicism that he has received of Rebekah”

Return or devouver

Many people still feel doubt to write the word return, not knowing if the right one is with “L” or “U”.

The written form some of this term is to return, with “L” and not with “U”, as even the speech being the same, the writing follows the standards and rules I improve the understanding of the word

What Is to Return 2

Synonymous with return

Among the synonyms of returning to the more commonly used, we have the following terms:

  • Reset
  • Return
  • Resend
  • Fold
  • Reply back

All of these terms can replace the original term without displaying differences or communication problems.

What Is to Return 3