What is the Symbol of Ruby

Ruby has always, been the gem fetish of the monarchs. It is a stone of great value and give one to a woman, it’s expressing his fidelity guarantee.

The stone of the Kings

From the latin word “rubeus”, Ruby is ranked the same and as the diamond, Sapphire, and emerald. It differs from these other precious stones by its color and structure. Indeed, the Ruby is a mineral composed of aluminum oxide, colorless appearance. But it is also made of chrome, which gives it its red color, with purple shades. Indeed, the aluminum oxide becomes blue when it is mixed with iron and titanium. If we add vanadium, it will be purple.

What is the Symbol of Ruby 1

With chrome, its color turns red. Therefore, obtaining the Ruby remains absolutely exceptional.

A perfect duo

After the diamond, the Ruby pigeon blood red to purplish trend is the most expensive of all gems, and this because of its rarity. In fact, diamond and Ruby formed the perfect duo as both are stones of very large values. In general, natural Ruby is characterized by inclusions. More levels are fine and rare, the more will have value and will therefore be more expensive on the world market of the jewellery. Ruby is called the stone of Kings and Queens. Indeed, Ruby jewellery were among the Favorites of the monarchs of yore.

What is the Symbol of Ruby 2

Symbol of happiness but evil stone

A raw Ruby is elongated, characterized by its uniform and triangular sides. There in Thailand, Burma and Cambodia, also in Tanzania and Madagascar, but then in small quantities and of lesser quality. Historically, it comes to the stone of the strong and ambitious men. It has a positive effect on mental ability. It’s a good sedative for heart patients and it contributes greatly to the healing of wounds. It symbolizes joy, happiness, prosperity, energy and health. It is a stone that preserves sadness, with the ability to keep away bad thoughts. Ruby is also called “divinatory stone” because it would prevent a danger by changing color: brilliant, it becomes dull and pale. But, this also earned him the name of “stone evil”…

What is the Symbol of Ruby 3