What Is the Anomaly

Abnormality is ranked by the grammar of Portuguese as a feminine noun, whose origin goes back to the Latin anomaly. This is everything that deviates from their normal course and which can be considered as abnormal or freak.

What Is the Anomaly 3

In Astronomy, the anomaly is used to refer to the angle that defines the position of a certain star that is in orbital motion around each other. In the same way, it can also refer to any type of change repetitive and periodic in the orbit of some planet.

In Geometry, is the type of angle oriented between the axis of the polar and the radius vector in a system of polar coordinates. It is also known as polar angle.

In Linguistics, it is the principle that the languages behave with many exceptions and end up becoming a voice-over language that expresses some kind of exception, since they do not follow the rules set, which do not obey the paradigms hard regular.

In Geophysics, the anomaly is used to refer to the amplitude, irregular in periodicity of the tide, which is also known as the “anomaly of the tide”.

What Is the Anomaly 2

In Biology, there are basically two types of chromosomal abnormalities: numerical and structural. The numerical do not always have a basis of disjunctive (non-disjunction can occur during the process of mitosis or meiosis, as well as in the father as in the mother). And this can cause changes in the chromosome, primarily in their amount.

Already in the structural, as the name suggests, the chromosome ends up suffering a breakdown and then a reconstitution, which happens randomly. They realocam according to the circumstances, and such a procedure can be called duplication, inversion, translocation or deletion.

The breaks of the chromosome usually happen because of external factors such as, for example, drug use, radiation exposure, contact with chemicals or viruses.

What Is the Anomaly

Another term quite employee is genetic abnormality, which occurs in the genes of the organism and which, therefore, can cause the development of certain special features, as is the case with Down Syndrome.

The genetic abnormalities can occur due to the following factors: use of alcohol, nicotine, or even antibiotics, certain dyes for hair and diseases such as Rubella and Toxoplasmosis.

Anomaly Bélády is a phenomenon that was demonstrated in 1969 by the scientist computational Hungarian László Bélády (1928 – ). He proved that even if the increase of the frames in the number of absences rise, especially when you use the replacement algorithm FIFO.