What Is Straight

Hetero is a prefix or radical used in the formation of various words in the Portuguese language. Its origin is Greek, being a term of composition, which terminates the idea of other, of different.

What Is Straight

Whenever you see a word with the root “hetero”, she is referring to the idea of something that is different, diverse, dessemelhante.

A good example of its application that allows you to understand well the meaning of the radical, is a comparison between the terms heterogeneous and homogeneous.

What Is Straight 1

Heterogeneous is said of that which in its composition has various elements, which differ among themselves, are not the same; while that homogeneous refers to that which presents in its composition the same elements that are the same or very similar to one another, which do not present differences.

In our culture, “hetero” is also common and popularly used as an abbreviation of heterosexual. Heterosexual contact is the individual who expresses sexual interest in the person of the opposite sex, different. So, a straight man is the one who attracts women, and a woman straight has sexual interest by men.

What Is Straight 2

Among the several examples of words that feature the radical straight, we can mention: heterotérmico, says-what features different temperatures; heterodinâmico, it is said of that which presents different forces; heterofônico, are words that have different pronunciations but are written in similar ways; heterodox, one who has a different opinion than what is commonly accepted; heterocromia, genetic abnormality where a person has different colors in each eye; heterofilia, feature found in some plants that have leaves of different formats.

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