What is Skeletonization

As you get older the tissues yield and appear first wrinkles and spots on the skin. But this process so hostile to us women, not only affects the soft tissues, but also the bones.We speak of ‘skeletonization’effect.

Over the years, what is manifested is an imbalance between the skin and the reduction of excess fat it contains. This situation occurs more in some areas than in others, and leads to an effect of ‘flattening’ around the frontal area and that of the cheeks.

What is the result of this “skeletonization”?
A loss of three-dimensionality of the face and the appearance of wrinkles, folds and stains.

What is Skeletonization 1

What can we do?

“From a therapeutic point of view – says Andrea Alessandrini, a specialist in vascular surgery, medicine and dermo-cosmetic surgery and professor of International School of aesthetic medicine of the International Foundation Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome – we must make a careful study of physiognomy of the face and restore a proper distribution volumes, speaking on the areas that present the most hypotrophic. Not long ago it developed a new method in medicine and cosmetic surgery that is called Bio-Rivolumetria; the word is synonymous with volumizing and regeneration “.

What is Bio-Rivolumetria?

It is an anti-aging treatment real. Are injected in the hypodermis, at different levels of depth, formulations based on hyaluronic acid pure, free of protein residues and solvents.

What is Skeletonization 2
This induces a volumetric first physical effect, but in more triggers biological action, resulting in an increase in the process of ‘adipogenesis and thus a production of 10-15% of new adipose tissue.

The different formulations

The used bio-revolumetrics products have different formulations depending on the various corrective requirements, and the extent of the destructuring of the areas to be treated.

– The Regenyal Idea Bio-Expander, very soft and elastic, it is suitable for use in the hypodermis surface and is indicated in the most unstructured areas like cheeks, frontal area, time, bar-code and peri-buccal area in general.
–  The Regenyal products Regenyal Super Idea and Idea are ideal to be injected in the deeper areas, where it is needed most marked volumetric action: zygomatic area, cold nose and buccal groove angles.

What is Skeletonization 3