What is Haylaytar

Hajlajt″r is one of the cosmetic products that have recently started to acquire popularity at home. What is hajlajt″r, what are the benefits of its usage and how they are applied–check out our helpful tips.

Why to use hajlajt″r?

The basis of make-up, powder, bronzer, blush, and now hajlajr″r–what he is different than the listed products. Hajlajt″r″t is not such a need as is the daily cream, for example, or the Foundation for makeup, but if you use it, you will definitely notice its advantages.

With its help hide pigmented spots, dark circles and bags under the eyes, making the complexion of the face, and your skin looks younger and vibrant. In addition, this product has the ability to nourish and moisturize the skin, thereby strengthening. The idea of hajlat″ra is to cause adjustments in the face–that’s why is placed and only in designated areas and not the whole person.

What is Haylaytar 1

When you buy hajlajt″r

When you choose a hajlajt″r, you must decide what kind of texture look – cream, powdered or liquid. The choice depends on what basis are the rest of your cosmetics. Be careful with the nuances. Like baby powder and von de Tena, hajlajt″r″t also comes in different shades. Depending on the natural color of your skin, as well as of the problems that you want to hide, orientate to a certain range.

For example, the peach shades are recommended if you want to hide pigmented spots on olive skin. cream colors are ideal are concealing bags under the eyes, and rozoveeŝite hajlajt″ri hide dark circles under the eyes of peach skin. Choose bright colors if you have pale skin and even Tan you want.

What is the effect of hajlajt″ra?

What is Haylaytar 2

With hajlajt″r create conditions in which light is reflected in the skin so that the face looks more radiant, without, however, shines as with the instant bronzer. Place the set of places in the face – where light is expected to light up.

Place the hajlajt″r in the shape of the eyebrows to emphasize the eyes. In this way they look older, but this is changing and face shape, if it’s top, oval or inverted triangle. Hajlajt″r under the brow softens their curves and detract from the out of place hairs appear.

Hajlajt″r in the inner corner of the eye will help you look more cheerful and full of life. It is also used as a gimmick in the fumigation. And you can use it as a base before the shadows if you place it in the center of the eyelid.

In case you want to emphasize your lips and make them look more dense than you actually are, then put the hajlajt″r on his chin and upper lip right on the s″rcevidnata line. Hajlajt″r on the nose does makes it seem more right.

What is Haylaytar 3

You can put Hajlajt″r and the cheekbones if you want to match your complexion, make the face look less round, or square to make a person look more elongated. The product is placed diagonally on the cheekbones, and then spreading powder or bronzer.