What is Greasy Leather

Choose a quality finish is essential to buy a bag: The fat leather has advantages!

Why the choice of leather is important:

When looking for a handbag or any other format, it often attaches importance to its style, line and layout. Anything that can make the value of a bag, of course. But the choice of leather is of interest also crucial if we want to see them age well. There are many in the leather finishing hides and it is not always clear for all to appreciate each of the respective qualities of each of these skins. So we find interesting to show you a particularly leather and not necessarily very known to the public.

What is a fat leather?

What is Greasy Leather 1

Fat leather is a skin, the classic start, we chose to prepare by immersion in an oil bath and water to make it more resistant leather. Impregnated with this solution, the final completely dry to the touch, it can receive all the usual finishing effects and pigmentation. This primer gives it exceptional qualities particularly interesting sustainability for making travel bag, biker jackets, technical shoes, etc. Highly stressed accessories in their use and that require special resistance to weathering and other vicissitudes of daily life.

The designer bags like fat leather:

In recent years, some designer bags have adopted this material to their models, also found her real aesthetic qualities to embody the vintage and urban collections more relaxed than the classic leather and interesting amateur public authenticity and somewhat fragile items for everyday use.

These include, among others, the brands Mary Bags, Leather and earth, the eaglet, Ashtag, Bleu de Chauffe or Frandi for French manufacturing. But many other European brands of leather goods have also adopted this famous fat leather. This is actually a fairly marked trend of recent seasons, including all binders productions, travel bags and bags man in general.

What is Greasy Leather 2

Two specialist brands fat leather:

The French brand Leather and Earth ,  rather specializes in vintage style, a good illustration of this trend by offering particularly in its catalog many fat leather bags models such vintage bags and towels, flip men wallets or pockets, and 48 bags as this beautiful model Bruiser, encased in cotton webbing, hand or shoulder, which can shorten the ends as needed. Light, practical and stylish, these fighter really has a beautiful adventurer looking for the jungle everyday or vacation.

French designer Ashtag also offers a wide range dedicated to men of thick fat leather bags and grained in almost all formats, giving them a very compelling allure between vintage and contemporary.

Remain vigilant on quality:

Warning though: All fat leather is not the same and, as in all areas, you need to ensure that interests you is not a vulgar split leather to the look and texture of cardboard. Only your observation, the credit of the mark or the information provided by the seller will enlighten you …

What is Greasy Leather 3

That will interest all lovers, male and female, of a little less “prissy” mode and a little more oriented towards basic and lasting pleasure of fine quality items …