What is Coffee Used for

“The coffee was just a way to steal the time that would have belonged by right to yourself slightly older.” Terry Pratchett
Often some locals are blessed with some higher energy and become places of enormous centripetal force.
In the 19th century the  culture moving in public places and direct comparisons created art in dense atmospheres of smoke and alcohol.

What is Coffee Used for

The reputation of the “literal” coffee is not so much from the aesthetic beauty of the bar itself, as the preference given to this by famous writers, journalists and artists.

Today these mythical places, fiery cauldrons of history and culture, have become veritable “museums” for many travelers and literature lovers.
Tourists flock to these old centenarians bar to have a chance to sit where Kerouac sat or drink what you drank Dylan. And the charm is especially fueled by the creaking of chairs in the absorbent wood walls of smoke and alcohol and the dusty shelves of stories.

Not only for fetishists:

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White Horse Tavern , New York.
In Manhattan was the bohemian local writers and artists of the 19th century. A Beat Generation incubator. Hunter S. Thompson, Allen Ginsberg, Norman Mailer, Jim Morrison, Bob Dylan drank here. Jack Kerouac has been kicked more than once. Unforgettable Dylan Thomas  in one of his nights in New York in the winter of 1953, he drank until 4 in the morning, a record of 18 whiskeys. And then he died.

Harry’s New York Bar , Paris.
In 1911, an American rider, ran away from his homeland of alcohol prohibition, along with a Scottish barman founded the legendary Parisian local. Here they were invented one of the most famous cocktails in the world, such as the Bloody Mary, Blue Lagoon, White Lady. Among the loyal customers, Sinclair Lewis and Ernest Hemingway.

Davy Byrnes , Dublin.
James Joyce wrote Ulysses some pages sitting in this place. In the novel, Leopold Bloom stops here for a gorgonzola sandwich and a glass of burgundy, while walking in Dublin. The pub is a popular pilgrimage place of wine, beer and culture. It ‘also mentioned in the story collection Green Rushes of Maurice Walsh.

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The Eagle and Child , Oxford.
Here  Dine with languages ​​of  middle ground.  At the end of the 30s, a group well assorted writers met traditionally lunch Monday or Tuesday in a room private back of pubs, the  Rabbit Room. And JRR Tolkien discussed so his Hobbit to CS Lewis.

The Elephant House , Edinburgh.
Here, JK Rowling started writing the first book of  Harry Potter. The news was celebrated by an indication on the coffee glazed same: “Birthplace of Harry Potter.” The atmosphere is 90s: comfortable couches, colorful walls, dark wood paneling, jazz and great coffee to linger in the pleasant hours. A place much more “young”, therefore, but equally noteworthy.

Gran Caffe Quadri , Venice.
Since 1775, in Piazza San Marco, the historic Caffè embodies the memory of centuries lived in the twilight of the Serenissima Republic, the birth of the modern age and the secrets of the characters who have sat in its halls. After Stendhal, Lord Byron, Alexandre Dumas, Wagner, Marcel Proust, still the Gran Caffè Quadri is the favorite destination of actors and directors attending the Venice Film Festival in Venice. Inevitable even  Woody Allen.

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