What is Carp Fishing

CARP became the favorite of anglers in ponds and pits, thanks notably to the prodigious weight it can reach, and its ability to deliver phenomenal fighting of several minutes.

What is Carp Fishing

Although surpêchée, the population of this fish from Lake, don’t seems not reached beyond measure by a decline of its density, which is very easy to explain. Lovers of this species are all almost exclusively the “no kill”, rejecting systematically their catch to the water, with a lot of precautions. Therefore, not being very appreciated restaurant, except in a few rare regions in the center of the France, she will remain so coveted, for its sporty side. This led to several positive effects, notably in terms of development of the various CARP species, scarcity will apparently never topical. 

What is Carp Fishing 1

This advantage will also lead two other, equally important in parallel, including the multiplication of coins much higher than the average, a very significant thing, for fans of this fish. Second, its population even in excess is that providential for our waters, because going down the food chain, it should be noted that the FRY and small topics of this family, directly enter the FRY food how indispensable to our carnivorous fish, which are not ready to run out of food. It is the fish which the hunted in France after trout, and the techniques used to capture, continue to evolve and grow, with an array of gadgets, and exclusively dedicated to CARP fishing bait. Be aware however, that despite these changes that can be described as technology, so they are pushed until the end of art, this magestieuse and serene swimmer, is not that hard when it comes to eat, and always gladly crack a few grains of cooked corn, or a good mouthful of bread fresh. One pictured in top of the page, also could not resist a fishing hook of lines from Bridgat, although it itself already a more than correct weight, around 4 pounds.

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Various baits for carp

There is mainly three species, common carp, which is the most widespread in our waterways, leather carp and mirror carp. All three show the same similarities in their eating habits, so you will not need to rechercherer a particular species, because each bite the same bait. Omnivorous and opportunistic, she is very selective about his food, you will have plenty of options. If boilies, which exist today in all colors, and all fragrances, took ancestry among experienced anglers and their famous montages in the hair, the old traditional recipes used by most fans, always to take as many fish.

What is Carp Fishing 3

  • The dough, or nature, especially adapted for CARP, by adding various ingredients, remains an attractive bait.
  • Bread, the broken crust can be used mixed primer to sand, or the land of taupiere, is always placed in the top three for best bait.That’s crumb, which we should not hesitate to use in big portions, which here will be the subject of lust.
  • Corn is reserved by tradition to thisfreshwater fish, bait well above all others, it is still the most used, and continues to give great results.
  • Worms and maggots, at roughly equal values, interest also our peaceful grazers, but especially when the water is muddy color, during and after storms.
  • Finally, all species of larvae can complete your bait for carp box, but it will be best to harvest on your fishing shots, so don’t not derogate from their habits.