What is Breech Birth

Breech birth, what it is and that it be dangerous? A special report about childbirth and the breech position, how to deal with it and what it entails for the mother and the unborn child. Here’s how and when to intervene on the fetus if it is in breech position before birth.

Be in breech position means literally, appear standing.

Refers to a Fetal position, means that the fetus is sitting and not upside down as it should be to be born.

The breech position is typically a temporary position where the baby can lie during the third quarter.

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There are symptoms of the breech position?

Given that the baby in breech position can only be seen through ultrasonography, sometimes mom can notice the location of her child due to certain hardships that warns: for example, you have a nuisance under the ribs and feel short of breath when the baby’s head pressing below the diaphragm. Sometimes you may also experience some strong kicks on the bladder.

Especially, during the first pregnancy it often happens that the child, despite being in breech position, turn in Encephalic position around the 36th week of pregnancy. Only 3% -4% of children remains in breech position until the end of pregnancy.

What if the baby is breech at the end of my pregnancy?

Some moms are using natural methods to encourage their child to get upside down. Manual steps to turn your breech baby in a vertex position is called the external cephalic version or Maneuver of upheaval.

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Breech birth, how does it work?

In Italy, when a child turns, we proceed to cesarean section. The majority of experts considers that the best and safest way for mother and child to address a breech birth is a cesarean section.

However, the vaginal breech birth is not impossible and if there are experienced doctors or midwives available taking all necessary precautions, a vaginal breech birth may also be a safe choice.

To date, the possibility of vaginal breech is widely discouraged because if they have lost the manual, which before was much more common. In fact, the vaginal deliveries with breech deliveries tend to be more dangerous and hospitals tend to exclude them except in very rare cases.

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That being said, especially if it is your first pregnancy, it is good that you rassicuriate on the fact that children in breech position, even at the 36th week, turning from time to time and that, if they were to turn, the maneuver will be decisive to bring the fetus brain location.

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A recommendation of midwives is to not get into anxiety on this point because, especially in the first pregnancy, the child often stop in breech position longer than usual.