What is a Backpack?

To know if a bag is suitable for your back, load it, put it by placing the lap belt to the height that is comfortable for you and tighten the straps (released charge of recalls). A good size bag must marry perfectly your back, shoulders included.


You must not be empty or compression point, nor any gene. The following pictures show you the wrong choices, anomalies are circled in rouge.Un too long bag from the back waist is loose upper back. You will then feel the weight of the bag pull on the front of your shoulders.

  • Too long a bag from the back waist is loose upper back.You will then feel the weight of the bag pull on the front of your shoulders.
    • I carry a bag too short causing a separation at the shoulder blades. The charge takes me back.

Setting reminders charge

The reminders of load: these are the straps that connect the top of your bag to your shoulders. Proper adjustment of these straps ensures good stability of your backpack and yourself during the activity in “recalling” the load your bag close to your back.

  • A return load placed too far back will directly pull you back because the bag will be away from your upper back.
  • My colleague carries a bag with charging reminders are too forward. The shoulder will be compressed and the pleated strap on the back of the shoulder.

In addition to their position, the tightening of the load lifter straps will affect the comfort portage.If they are not tightened, the bag will not be enough and reminded you pull back. That’s what 8 shows. On the contrary if the charge reminders are too tight, this will result to fold the top of the ramp and to exert pressure on the front of the shoulder. This setting error is visible in photo 9. Here should look like a bag for your height and well adjusted! If you are not sure of your setting, call a professional! Now that you have found a bag that suits your back, you can explore and discover its accessories.

What is a Backpack 1

Accessories backpack

We find some accessories on many bags regardless of the activity for which it is intended: compartment for hydration system, door stick / ice pick, pockets in the lid …. Others are specific to a particular activity. I will detail the type of activity.

Backpack day pack

This is a rare model did not consistently compartment for water bladder, but usually a padded compartment for the laptop !! These bags are used mostly by people visiting their place of transport work together, on foot or bicycle and wishing to carry their files and laptop to a more comfortable way than traditional handbags.

Travel Backpack

For a purely travel use, several possibilities exist. Some prefer a large bag back litrage like trekking for versatility. Otherwise there are travel bags you can carry by hand or on the back in a timely manner (from taxi to airport, taxi to the hotel …). These bags are designed in a particularly resistant coated canvas. They are certainly not a model of lightness, but they are highly popular among Nepali sherpas as easy to attach to the port. You also have the option to go with traditional travel bags with wheels. At present all the major brands of bags manufacture. These bags are designed in very sturdy coated fabrics and much less fragile than traditional luggage.

Baby carrier

I turn now to another type bag with a special feature that help you carry your child while hiking or traveling !! This is indeed the baby carriers . They are designed with a carrying system similar to a backpack type big litrage: Kid Comfort II and III models from home Deuter have the same port that the Aircontact that made in terms of the brand’s reputation comfort. To consider hike with your child in a baby carrier it must first take it sitting alone and keep his head is usually the case around 6 months. Choosing a baby carrier is like a backpack: the carrying comfort.Then come as standard comfort for the child and finally accessorizing. The ideal is to try to shop with your child, you can test the best types of comfort for you and your little one. A professional can also show the settings to change in case of carrier and also change the settings to change depending on the size of the child.

Materials backpack

The choice of materials for a bag at its design will have a direct impact on weight, robustness and tolerance to load the bag. First on materials of the volume of the bag, it is in most Nylon case whose son will be more or less large and more or less tight weave. This will affect the weight and strength. the linear mass nylon evaluates to Denier (1 g to 9000 m). The higher the number, the more the fabric is sturdy.

What is a Backpack 2


Jaguar 75-95 home Karrimor is Nylon 420 Deniers while the Aether 70 Osprey is 210 Denier nylon with reinforcements 420D and 500D. It is therefore obvious that these two bags do not stand in the same manner to a heavy load. For indication, the first weighs 2.7 kg empty when the second is 2.2 kg. The only brand that successfully combines lightness and strength is Lowe Alpine . They have indeed designed bags for hiking (and Nanon Yocton models) and mountaineering (Alpine Peak Attack and Attack) wire of Dyneema. This wire is already used to make straps to the climbing equipment. Indeed, it has the property of being both very strong and lightweight (up to 4 Newton for over 1 g per km).

Another element to take into account

The other element to consider regarding the foam density at the straps and belt. In addition to the concept of wear resistance, the concept of comfort linked to the load carried will come into account. No figures are provided by manufacturers to quantify it. The only information that I can provide are the result of field returns. In fact the model Talon 44 or Exos 46 Osprey, the straps and belts are fairly thin. A Aircontact 40 + 10 Deuter home has a belt and suspenders but more substantial with a total weight of 2.3 kg vacuum when you’re on a 990 g Talon 44 S / M and 1.05 kg on the Exos 46 in size M. If the weights are not comparable, the carrying comfort either. Do not go past the 10 kg of load on the heel, 12-15 kg of the Osprey Exos unless you destroy the shoulders when you can easily reach and exceed 18 kg with remaining quite Aircontact comfort.

But beware !!!

What is a Backpack 3

All back do not react the same way for the same load !! Some people will need a comfortable bag to carry a load of around 10 kg when others will be satisfied with a very light model to wear 15. We must find the right compromise between weight, strength and carrying comfort depending on your back and your use.