What are Winter Jackets?

The temperatures fall, nor is it autumn, but the winter will come. Without a warm winter jacket, nothing will happen. Who likes to freeze? But snow, rain and icy winds demand some of this important piece of clothing for the cold season. 

The winter jacket is to keep cold and to insulate heat, to be as active as possible and to protect against moisture. You could not decide which winter jacket you should get? Understandable.Because the selection is huge and also the range of materials used. Apart from the fact that one also likes to look smart and move well and comfortably. We want to help you find the right jacket for the winter and make the decision easier with a little background knowledge.

Safe Materials For Winter Jackets

What are Winter Jackets 1

A good winterjacket lives by her material. On the one hand, we must pay attention to the outer fabric, which is supposed to defy the weather, and, on the other hand, to the fodder, which prevents the cold from the body, and at the same time to store the body’s heat. Outer materials for winter jackets and windstops are now mostly made of microfibres. The most famous microfibre is polyester. Like all plastic fibers, it is light, water-repellent and breathable at the same time.Moreover, it is long-lasting and does not enter during washing. A mixture of polyester and cotton is often found in winter jackets. The soft cotton makes the fabric more comfortable to wear. In terms of feed, there are many possibilities: Gänsedaune is the warmest classic among the feed materials. It is natural, light, insulated excellent and does not lose tension. Sheepskin is also a natural feed. It keeps you warm and feels cuddly. Compared to a down jacket, a sheepskin lining is less noticeable but is significantly heavier. Its synthetic counterpart is fleece. It does not stand for long periods of time, but it feels great as a lining and is extremely light and easy to maintain. A combination of warm fleece and a weather-resistant, synthetic upper is always a protective and, above all, cheaper alternative to natural materials.

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Great Winterjacket Trends That Appeal To You

Now the question remains open, what a good winter jacket still needs to do so, so that you can feel comfortable in it. This depends on your personal needs, of course, but we would like to introduce you to a few comfort and style criteria for winter jackets. The length can be decisive. A jack-of-a-kind jacket that keeps the Po warm and has been the favorites among the winter jackets since the beginning of the century is, for example, the good old Parka. Thigh cuff and well-lined it is the ideal companion through the minus degrees and can be combined wonderfully with many outfits. Simple, warm and casual. If you like to be on the safe side, your winter jacket should also have a hood. With fleecy artificial fur it will be a real eye-catcher and at the same time keep you well protected from all weather. Do you also enjoy winter in winter? Then a hip-length, figure-hugging quilted jacket with a stand-up collar should be just right for you. Well, inspired?

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