What are the Top Rated Flashlight Brands?

Maglite 3d

Let’s say she’s the older sister of the Mini. With much more power makes it ideal for very large spaces to illuminate, or for long distances.

Powered by 3 large batteries, it makes maintenance a bit more expensive than the mini. Also the battery life is longer.

Like the little one in the family, it is not adjustable in power, but in focus. Its handling is more cumbersome, to be of greater proportions, and the ring to regulate the beam is somewhat hard, reason why we will not be able to handle it with a hand.

The price usually fluctuates by 35 Euros, and is another flashlight to have in the backpack always Ebay.

What are the Top Rated Flashlight Brands 1

Ultrafire 501b

We could not forget the low-cost version to brighten the night in warm.

Flashlight of the famous website dealextreme.com, gives us a light with a milder temperature than the Maglite family, and priced at just over $ 9. At this price, do not forget that you will have to buy a 18650 battery, and its corresponding charger.

In total it puts everything for about 27 dollars. Ebay

Buying it does not come out, but if we have the colored lanterns, we can reuse the rechargeable batteries we have for these flashlights, and we would only leave for a mere 9 dollars.

The power that brings us is not much, being surpassed by the mini, and does not even have a regulator of light beam, but due to its low power, makes it ideal for very short distances.

What are the Top Rated Flashlight Brands 2


Cold flashlights are the ones that emit white light, and their bulb is usually an LED. They have a reduced consumption, which will extend the life of the batteries.

The white balance we will use will be warm, because if we combine cold temperature (below 4000K approx) the colors we will get will be blue, not being pleasing to the eye.


Perhaps it is the lantern more widespread and used as cold light.

Due to its quality, finish and consumption is one of the most talked about by night photographers.

It has a light beam regulator, and two powers, by push button on the back.

It is powered by four AAA batteries, and comes in a case with its case.

This flashlight by the regulation of power that it carries, and by its system of regulation of beam makes it a true all terrain. Ideal for short distances and medium distances.

The bad, the price. Round the 70Euros on garyflashlights.


This flashlight I decided to try it after seeing the versatility and magnificent quality of the normal MiniMaglite. After trying it, I can say that I love it. It is fantastic in short-medium distances, being able to regulate as much power as the beam of light.

Perhaps, the catch of this flashlight is the system to operate the low power, having to turn it off and then turn it on. This causes the low power to be activated, but if we do this action then the different SOS modes are activated, so if we want to change from low to high power, we tend to turn it off and wait a few moments before turning it on, because if No, the SOS will be activated.

A bit surprised I left the price seeing the magnificent quality of it. Only about 16-18 Euros on Amazon, which makes it highly recommended to start at night.

A safe buy, of course.

What are the Top Rated Flashlight Brands 3

Ultrafire 501b (Led)

Same features as the warm sister of Ultrafire.

With all its pros and cons. Low price, low power, and with its special batteries.

I recommend having it if we already have the special batteries previously. (18650) Amazon

Ultrafire 3x T6

Power. Perhaps it is the word that defines this lantern.

Three led bulbs that make it an essential flashlight toilluminate distant elements.

The big drawback is the excessive consumption I have noticed to be LED. Powered by 3 special batteries 18650, which must be added at the price of 45 Euros approx.

I’ve only found it on Ebay, but have it on hands, and see its potential worth it, of course.