Wedding Workout Questions and Answers

07th June 2016 fit for the wedding as effectively is a last-minute workout before the wedding? When should the ‘bride to be’ start with their training program? And with what exercises will you wedding-fit? VOGUE spoke to the staff coach Miriam Frieser through effective training, sports nutrition and developed a sports programme with her, to be fit for the wedding in a short time: defined arms, firm legs and a flat stomach are the goal. Let’s go!

Last minute a flat tummy and tight arms for the shoulder wedding dress? The bad news first: body fat is not targeted at one point by a certain exercise build. The body “repeated” the fat, where it is most easily available – which does not mean that the body the fastest breaks down the fat in the place, where there is the most visually. To be adjusted, to take off only at the belly and the pronto!, therefore unfortunately not so easy to work. The whole body must be trained to lose weight/fat just on the body’s most stubborn sits. We have spoken with personal trainer Miriam Frieser and picked us up expert tips for the sports and fitness program shortly before the wedding.

When should the sport program before the wedding to be intensified at the latest?

Miriam Frieser: To realistically any, even if at least four weeks before the wedding start small effect to see one should with the training program. At eight to ten weeks before the big day the visible effect is significantly better.

What are the most effective exercises in the last meters?

The most effective exercises are the ones that involve as many and large muscle groups. Muscles in the body are ultimately our power plants, which, if they are required, consume energy, which means calories. The more I of these plants (i.e. muscle) have, the more calories are consumed in a training session.

Wedding Workout Questions and Answers 1
Exercises such as squats, knee Tuck or in & out, where almost all muscle groups are involved, are very effective. The largest muscles sit at bottom and thighs.
Important: Regeneration! She is often underestimated, but is an important phase in which muscle adapts itself and the actual income received.

Is there a rule of thumb, to how often I should exercise, call me fit and of course feel?

It is important that you integrated movement especially in his everyday life. That is, the bike instead of the car driving, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and rather put a short walk at lunch rather than to decide on the latte macchiato. Just these little things keep a fully fit. A good backdrop is otherwise to exercise three times a week.

Does it make a difference whether I train in the morning or in the evening?

Both daytime have advantages and disadvantages, also depending on the respective objectives. I recommend not to lose yourself in wedding supplies. Early risers should exercising in the morning, night owls at night. For most people, motivation and time management are the reasons for that success will be more.

How long should my workouts be?

The length of the units depends on the content of the programme. When we talk of Bodyshapen, strength training, HIIT , is:

  1. a training which lasts for 20 to 60 minutes, but focus is running 100 percent, is better than an inefficient two-hour unit.
  2. dear 4 to 7 short sessions per week insert as two long bad conscience, because it evaporates much training effect.Tired of during training and the body can no longer perform 100 percent.

Wedding Workout Questions and Answers 2

Our body is a creature of habit and unfortunately always tries to go the path of least resistance. An intensive training stimulus per week can cause that is the body the rest of the days resting on his ‘lazy skin’. Are regularly small stimuli used, in his “winter sleep” disrupted the body so he is always on the lookout and is much more willing to adapt these used incentives. So, the training objectives be achieved much faster.

How important is the interplay between sport and nutrition?

Very important. For one, I need proper nutrition, to effectively perform in my training to be able to. After the workout, in addition also proper nutrition plays an important role. If the balance between diet and exercise is wrong at the end and one eats too much or to unhealthy, no effect will show up.

What should you look for when diet?

Often, the actual calories in a workout is overrated. Training doesn’t automatically mean to treat yourself to much then. So you lying to himself often. More important than “How many calories I eat” is “What do I eat”.You should try to clean, that is of course to eat as possible. Stay away from refined sugar – always! Alone, this factor can change much.

Before the workout, it is advisable to fill the energy storage, so that when training 100 percent power are available. This is at best a combination of so-called long-chained carbohydrates and proteins: long carbohydrates fast high insulin levels from 0 to 100, but should give the whole training through energy.Protein is one of the most important components for the muscles and, for example bananas, almonds, vegetables, whole wheat pasta or lenses included.

Wedding Workout Questions and Answers 3
After training, the emptied stores of glucose should be filled again with quick short-chain carbs and mainly proteins. Protein also helps that the body regenerates faster.

In the rest of the time is to use a balanced diet and can be like something of everything (but no sugar!). I recommend good fats like Omega6. It can be found in: olive, sunflower, Sesame or coconut oil, avocados, olives or nuts. Omega3 is also one of the good fats and can be found in fish and nuts.

How important is the combination of strength and endurance training?

Applies also here: it’s all about the balance. Weight training strengthens muscles as you know, muscles are our power plants and burn calories. Building muscle requires the strength training. In addition the body through strength training define, tone up and shape.

The endurance in the game comes to run correctly at full speed then the whole combustion process. Interval training is especially effective for fat burning.