We like and Long: Our Print on Zara’s New Lookbook for The Month of February

Had already cast you an eye as who does not want the thing to the the month of February of Zara Lookbook for women and the truth is that I loved it. Inevitably occurred to me thinking that it would not be too bad the man It was in the same vein and gamble by innovative looks with the wide presence of patterns, good photography and above all variety in propositions and offers to deal with the new spring-summer season with the greatest possible ease.

And you see where that My prayers and my prayers have been heard.. The Zara lookbook for the month of February is out on every hand, be honest.

We like and Long Our Print on Zara's New Lookbook for The Month of February 1

Why we believe that the proposals are worth? First because as it has become the custom, Zara is not precisely a firm that bet by big fuss with the chromatic palette. Moves better between Grey, black and white and now if that introduces notes of color in the form of key items like point oversized jerseys, shirts in floral prints that contrast with the sobriety of the garments inferior or outerwear with most striking patchworks. And that is what has made this season.

The cut of the garments is completely varied: on the one hand we find blazer, blasiers and vests with structure adjusted to figure and who bet on games obtaining very favourable, and on the other hand cut oversized jerseys broader in ringtones mustard, beige or blue, floral printed slim fit shirts or small injections navy in the form of sweaters and sweatshirts with college spirit.

We like and Long Our Print on Zara's New Lookbook for The Month of February 2

Add-ins and in particular the footwear, It goes on the same line that rest you collection with classic proposals and more sport touches in the sneakers.

Outerwear for more aggressive time and Aviator style jackets and Saharan for halftime in shades of camel, tiles and green military. This contrasted with t-shirts, shirts and thin Turtleneck in pure white jerseys. A full of contrasts, very varied collection that oozes style everywhere and that, to us as it is normal, us has conquered completely.

We like and Long Our Print on Zara's New Lookbook for The Month of February 3