Vintage Fashion Questions

Is it necessarily expensive to wear vintage?

It is important to know how to couple with grace, good taste and balance those vintage garments that are original to our basic and current garments.

Vintage Fashion Questions

With my clients I do a personal shopper job and have learned to get their own style combining current fashion with vintage.

SM The value of a vintage garment depends on its age, design, state, quality and impact in a given decade.In the latter, various factors intervene, such as that an icon of cinema or history has worn one of these designs (gives added value).Classic examples are Audrey Hepburn’s black dress in ‘Breakfast with diamonds’ or Oleg Cassini’s 60’s dresses worn by Jackie Kennedy.But leaving aside these collectibles, I think it may be cheaper to dress with vintage clothes simply because a good piece of years ago always has a superior quality in fabric and clothing, and if we have that intuition and smell that characterizes us lovers Of vintage, we will always find treasures at a good price like those that you can find in EMV.

Where does your passion for vintage fashion come from?

Vintage Fashion Questions 1

SM From a very young age I watched with astonishment and pleasure the personal objects of my grandfather that my father kept with great affection.My grandfather was born in 1887 and all those objects were very vintage.Later, when I met La Petite Robe Noire, the Parisian boutique of vintage genius Didier Ludot, I decided that I wanted to complement my store’s offer (El Maniquí) with vintage, and that way I started to feed my business idea.The bases were seated for my training in Design and History of Clothing.

In your store you can find garments from the 40’s to the 90’s. Where and how do you buy vintage clothing and accessories?

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SM It’s a question. I get asked frequently in the internetages (laughs) and I always answer that it is “the best kept secret”, but today I will answer: it is a very meticulous and complicated work because we do not have a supplier that sends us each Season the necessary garments. You have to travel, search, identify and select each piece individually.

Will you always have your site in vintage fashion?

SM Vintage will always have its place in fashion because there will always be history in the dress.

You have two fashion stores, one of current, seasonal clothing, and one exclusively vintage fashion. What do you offer with this double offer to your clients?

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SM Mainly, the ability to learn how to dock each day’s vintage wardrobe. This is reflected in the windows of El Maniquí: play with a very “language” when using the two types of garments. People call your attention and invite you to want to know more about the subject. My clients have learned to achieve their own style by combining current fashion with vintage. With them I work as a personal shopper (I like the expression “style consultant”): I give them the knowledge about styling they need to gain security and then they can create their own looks.