USB Hub with All-in-One Card Reader

Today I speak of a USB hub with all-in-one card reader. Let’s start.

Surely, more than one will be found in the position of having to connect more than one device USB to the computer , and OPS! Only one free remains, and now? To remove any of them and connect what I need now, and when finished, replace everything as it was. The problem, at least mine, arises when you have a tower with a single front USB connector, the others are part of behind the Tower. The solution was obvious.

USB Hub with All-in-One Card Reader 1

At that time, not claimed this to have a reader of cards on the front of the Tower, which, in addition to a USB hub needed to read cameracard, Nintendo DS, mobile… basically three types: SD, miniSD and microSD.

Wow, I just drop that perhaps do not know that it is a USB hub, sure Yes, but just in case. A USB hub is nothing more than a “multiplier” of USB connectors and, as such, can connect multiple devices to it. These hubs mainly have 2 problems: not carry power and thus take the power from the USB port to which to connect (eye with this, then I explain it to you) and the USB connectors that bring no est n Next too each other. Such proximity could result in that we can use all the connectors at the same time.

USB Hub with All-in-One Card Reader 2

Said it that you had to be careful with the power of a hub because, in general, a USB port does not usually supply more than 500mAh and, depending on what they connect, that consumption can rise quite. That excessive consumption can have 2 consequences: that what Connect not work; or to connect it and let it run for a while (days, hours…) the USB of your computer It is unusable (takes a few capacitors and they tend to burn).

But… and how do I get an external power supply? Because most of the hubs they tend to bring some kind of connector that can “plug” any power cord and remove that energy extra in another USB port. Or what is the same, we need 2 USBs free on our computer to the hub to function at full capacity. But, as I say, it depends on what they connect. Many times, what we connect now brings its own power supply and does not need to draw power from the USB port to which it is connected (either computer or hub).

Finally I opted for this USB hub with all-in-one card reader, which in addition to seem nice, it seemed practical to carry it from one site to another (the mine is Red, with USB 4 ports and each port is different… because I will upload photos, I promise it):

USB Hub with All-in-One Card Reader 3

I have used it really little, but in cases of emergency, I have it. And I’ve always said that, better to me concerning that you need it and don’t have it.

Mention that there are also other models with reader of DNIe (electronic ID), but for the little disclosure we have in Spain on the Eid, I not judged it necessary. True, models of USB hubs you are kicking, and the question is than the more practical (without card reader, only as a hub), are a few wires that are attached to a single USB male. Your problem, what I said before, the external power supply.

And little more than tell you about USB hubs. If you need to have any hand, better one Compact, you never know when will need you (above all to what to read SD cards).