US 30 in Wyoming

US 30 in Wyoming


US 30
Get started Cokeville
End Pine Bluffs
Length 451 mi
Length 726 km
  • Idaho
  • Kemmerer
  • Granger
  • Granger-Walcott:
  • Walcott
  • laramie
  • Laramie – Nebraska:
  • Nebraska

According to Bestitude, US 30 is a US Highway in the US state of Wyoming. The road forms an east-west route through the south of the state from the Idaho border at Cokeville, then doubles as Interstate 80 and US 287 for much of the remainder of the route. The road is 726 kilometers long.

Travel directions

North of Cokeville, US 30 in Idaho from Pocatello enters the state of Wyoming and initially follows a southerly direction parallel to the Rocky Mountains. The road rises here from 1800 to 2000 meters and turns east at Sage, forming a 35 kilometer route to the village of Kemmerer. This area is very dry and desolate with virtually no vegetation. At Kemmerer you cross the US 189. The road then continues an eastern, later southeasterly route to I-80. This part of the road is deserted and has little more than hamlets with a few scattered farms on the route. Oil is also pumped out of the ground in this area. US 30 merges into Interstate 80. via a trumpet connection. US 30 is then double-numbered for 270 kilometers with I-80 heading east.

see Interstate 80 in Wyoming for the main topic.

The start of the 2×2 part from Bosler towards Medicine Bow.

At the village of Walcott, US 30 exits from I-80 and is then double-numbered with US 287, forming an alternate, longer route to Laramie. You pass through a very desolate area with no vegetation and low mountains. There are a few places nearby, but most do not have more than 100 inhabitants. The most important place is the village of Medicine Bow. The road then bends a bit south and the road even has a stretch of 2×2 lanes, a remnant from the time when there was no I-80. After 150 kilometers you reach the town of Laramie, where US 30 rejoins I-80. US 287 continues towards Fort Collins in Colorado.

The US 30 then forms an individual route through the capital Cheyenne, the road turns off on the west side of the town, crosses Interstate 25 and then continues through the center. This is also where Interstate 180, a single – level urban arterial, ends. US 85 is also crossed here. East of Cheyenne, the road rejoins I-80.

About 2 miles before the border with Nebraska, US 30 again exits from I-80 and continues through the village of Pine Bluffs and then crosses the border into Nebraska. US 30 in Nebraska continues to form a parallel route to Interstate 80 in Nebraska.


US 30 was one of the original US Highways of 1926. US 30 is the only transcontinental route that has continued coast-to-coast from 1926 to the present. US 30 follows the historic Lincoln Highway through Wyoming. Between 1959 and 1977, I-80 was constructed, eliminating large sections of US 30 as a separate route.

Between Walcott and Laramie, US 30/287 runs well north of the Snowy Range and remains at a somewhat more limited elevation. In the 1950s, it was decided to build I-80 more directly, higher up the slopes of the Snowy Range. This route is shorter but very prone to snow storms and high winds in winter, I-80 is regularly closed with traffic being diverted via the old route on US 30/287 west of Laramie.

Originally, a US 30N and US 30S also existed between Burley, Idaho and Granger, Wyoming. US 30S followed the corridor of what are now I-84 and I-80 through Idaho, Utah and Wyoming and was scrapped in 1972. US 30N then became regular US 30.

Traffic intensities

Every day, 1,800 vehicles travel between the Idaho and Kemmerer border and 1,400 vehicles continue to I-80. Farther east in Wyoming, 400 to 800 vehicles run between Walcott and Laramie, rising to a maximum of 15,000 vehicles in Laramie itself. There are 20,000 vehicles per day in downtown Cheyenne.


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US 30 in Wyoming