Umbrella in the Decoration

Using Themes In The Decor Is A Very Simple Way To Come Up With Something Versatile And With Personality For Indoors Or Events

Using themes in the decor is a very simple way to come up with something versatile and with personality for indoors or events. One such theme is the umbrella. Apparently, according to the architect Graciele Sandri, the elegance of this instrument inspires a lot of people and takes inside the house stickers and themed wallpapers and even the use of the object itself as a work of art. 

In fact, everyone has had an umbrella that by a strong wind or other reason ended up spoiling and is no longer useful to protect from rain, so the idea is to show that this item may have a new utility: To make your home or event even more beautiful and unique. “The umbrellas began to be used in the decoration of environments after the city hall of Águeda in Portugal have the idea of ​​filling a street with umbrellas suspended to soften the heat and give a color to the environment. The result was so extraordinary that fashion left Portugal, won the world and now is still invading mainly the world of marriages, “he says. 

Umbrella in the Decoration 1
Gracuele explains that they can be used in different ways, but the preference is always for them suspended in the ceiling as the idea of ​​origin. “The idea is super versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. In addition to being able to be suspended from both forms, face down or up and open or closed. Inside the house they can be present in the entrance, room or even in the rooms. The limit is your creativity, but always emphasizing that avoiding exaggerations is the best way to get it right “, esina. Here are some tips for decoration with umbrella and check out image gallery at

Hanging Umbrellas
You can combine various types of colors, with polka dots, ruffles and whatever you want together, because with them, small or large installations, they have a playful and fun atmosphere. This tip is great for decorating themed parties or even wedding, as an ornate umbrella ceiling is very innovative and will leave your guests jaw dropped. They add color to the environment and can be much cheaper than floral arrangements. 

Umbrella in the Decoration 2

Today, the garland still rescues the ancestral meaning of welcome, protection and abundance. Therefore, placing a garland at the door of the house is always a warm welcome, representing prosperity, health and protection. The idea is to add flowers to your umbrella and hang at the front door or in some room inside the house. You can put flowers, real or plastic, and the result is beautiful. 

Cheap Lusters
You can use the normal liner or change to a lighter color or white, leave the cable facing the ceiling, make the electrical installation (place socket and lamp normal) to turn the umbrella into a chandelier. Hang it under your dining table, in the living room or even in the kitchen. 

Increasingly used, wall stickers are becoming very popular because of their low cost and ease of application. It is a good request for anyone who wants to change something in a home environment, but does not want to spend much. Umbrella in the Decoration 3

Adhesives can be found in decorating stores, home-owned stores and even on websites, and there are companies that make them custom-made and custom-made. One should be careful not to put too many stickers in one space, avoiding the risk of your wall looking like a “cardboard box”.