Travel to Paraguay

Travel to Paraguay

Area: 406,752 km²
Residents: 6,943,739 (July 2017)
Population density: 17 U / km² Degree of
literacy: 97%
Form of Government: Republic
System of Government: Presidential democracy
Neighboring countries: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia
Capital: Asunción National
language: Spanish, Guaraní
98% Catholic,
0.12% Jehovah’s witnesses
currency: Guaraní (PYG)
exchange rates:
1 EUR = 7,930.30 PYG
1000 PYG = 0.12 EUR
CHF 1 = 7180.96 PYG
1,000 PYG = 0.13 CHF
(rate from 02.26.2021)
Telephone area code: +595
Time zone: UTC − 4
Mains voltage: 220V

Immigration Fund: $ 5,000 per family when applying for immigration

In 2020, 352 Germans officially emigrated to Paraguay and 270 returned to their homeland. Within the 10 years from 2010 to 2019, 3,963 Germans officially emigrated to Paraguay and 3,716 moved back to Germany. This page gives an overview of the country and immigration. We go into detail on the following pages.

Only 7 million people live in an area larger than Germany. By far the greatest concentration is in and around the capital Asunción (around 3 million). More or less South American or, better said, Paraguayan Spanish (mixed with a little Guaraní) is spoken almost everywhere. Especially outside the cities, however, Guaraní is usually the main language of the population. Over 200,000 Brazilians live in the country and over 50,000 Argentinians. Other minorities come from Korea, Taiwan, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia as well as from Spain, Italy and Japan. 17 different languages ​​are spoken in mostly remote Indian colonies.

Paraguay is popular with retirees, self-caterers, and people who love their privacy. About 5% of the population are immigrants of German origin or their descendants. There is different information about the number of German speakers (Germans, Austrians, Swiss). They range from a good 60,000 to around 170,000. Some of the many (almost 200,000) German-Brazilians and the more than 30,000 Mennonites who also speak Plautdietsch are partly included in these calculations.

Except in the capital, real estate prices are still quite cheap. There are numerous German-speaking doctors and service providers. The taxes are very low. There are few regulations and bureaucratic barriers to becoming self-employed and doing any business. You only need a little capital to immigrate. Popular immigration areas are the Departementos Central (around the capital Asunción) and Cordillera as well as in the Independencia area.

In Paraguay there are modern supermarkets and shopping centers with almost all products that are also available in Europe. Of course, the offer in the country is not that abundant. The roads in some parts of Paraguay also leave a lot to be desired. Order and cleanliness are not rated as highly as perhaps in Germany. But people themselves are meticulous about good personal hygiene.

Entry and immigration

As an EU citizen, citizen of Switzerland or as an EEA citizen, you can enter Paraguay with a valid passport. Entry with an identity card is not permitted. A tourist from the above-mentioned countries does not need a visa for a stay of up to 90 days.

With the approval of the Paraguayan immigration authorities, the stay can be extended once for a further 90 days. Another option to extend your stay without applying for a permanent residence permit is to leave and return to Germany for a short time. You can find detailed information on immigration on the Immigration Conditions page. This entitles you to a 3-month visa-free stay in Paraguay, which can be extended once without immigrating or applying for a permanent residence permit and a Paraguayan identity card. You can also extend your stay by leaving and re-entering Paraguay.

In the state capital Asunción, the permanent residence permit and the Paraguayan identity card (Cedulá) are applied for by submitting all papers and providing proof of capital.

The “Mbuni” ostrich farm run by a German couple is a good starting point for exploring Paraguay, looking for a suitable property or just for vacation and relaxation. Here you can live, enjoy and experience a lot of new things in a tasteful and harmonious atmosphere.

Emigrate to Paraguay – Immigration Service

It is advisable to hire a professional immigration officer, as it will be a very time-consuming and bureaucratic act for someone who is not very knowledgeable.

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You can also visit the website listed here and find out everything about applying for a visa in Paraguay. You can get the help you need here:

Travel to Paraguay