Transparency in Winter: How to Use This Trend

If used in the right way and balanced, transparency has everything to make your look more modern, stylish, even in winter

It’s no secret that transparency lets any production lighter, modern and sexy, no matter what time of the day or occasion. Myself, I love it! And contrary to what many people think, if combined with fluid fabrics such as organza, tulle, chiffon, tulle, crepe or mouselline, transparency gives looks beautiful to you bulldoze on colder days, whether in strategic parts of shirts, skirts, blouses, trousers and dresses or fully transparent parts.

But how to use transparency in the winter without going cold, sound cheap? Take a look at these tips for using and abusing this trend without fear and with great elegance.

Straight From the Runway
The transparency gained space on colder days when famous brands presented this trend so effective: by blending heavy parts, knitting wool, overlap with other lighter, where transparency is typically applied.

My suggestion is to let the lightness of the transparency on the bottom of your look, in long skirts, pants or organza dresses, silk, lace or tulle, combining the weight of wool, jeans and tricôs on top, jackets, shirts or more structured jackets.

Attention in the Choice of Colours
A trick to abuse the transparencies without taking the charm that only the winter brings to our looks, the ideal is to bet on transparencies in more sober shades, such as gray, white and black. And despite the rule say that the fluorescent tones should be reserved for the summer, you can still by a hint of color in your production, such as red, green and yellow, in stamped parts.

Lining, Lining
Who wants to abuse of this trend, but is afraid of overdoing it, you can start slowly, wearing a shirt with transparency, for example, but putting a dry race of the same color on the bottom. You can innovate further perfecting the choice of lingerie and tops. Looks great!

Day or Night, Bet on Transparency
Is a mistake to think that transparency is too sexy to be used during the day to work, bet on transparent shirts, placing a thin regatinha under and combining them with leather pants. On weekends, combine transparent parts with jeans, running shoes, sneakers and boots or over the knee. Just remember to choose most behaved as always dresses knee length, and put aside deep necklines or cracks. The balance is important, always!

And if the event is night and the local party is closed, invest in transparent or semi-transparent dresses without fear. With strategic cutouts and well structured – and preferably long sleeves or turtlenecks – the look is sexy, without losing the elegance and femininity.

Smart Tips to Use (and Abuse) of Transparency Without Miss
To order the questions and use transparent parts without fear, keep your eyes on these simple tricks:

* Browse to apply transparency on areas of the body that you want to highlight and leave covered those extra flab that is better to hide;
** If you showed up, harmonize the underside with parts more behaved, and vice versa;
*** To create a more modern look and cool, invest in the news, like pants and shoes with transparent details. Enjoy while fashion is super high!