Tips for Keeping Your Fun T-Shirts as New

Keep as new our funny shirts, starting today going to be sew and sing.

Tips for Keeping Your Fun T-Shirts as New

Do you have a t-shirt or several to which have special affection? those that you are seeing that the passage of time does not make that pass of fashion and that although years have never found a same original fun t-shirt and for the reason that is (someone special gave you, you bought it for a specific event, or simply saw it and you fell in love with), is by what you have more love than any other, and desearíais to last indefinitely. But the washes, the pressed, Sun, etc, are their public enemy number one.

Because it’s over!. From now on, our funny shirts will last much longer just to follow these tips to have your fun t-shirt as new, despite you who gets upset.

The maximum principal, and that applies to the rest of advice, is that whenever we are going to do something with the t-shirt (wash it, iron it, dry it, etc), turn it upside down. This technique especially protect the drawing of our t-shirt and its color.

Tips for Keeping Your Fun T-Shirts as New 1

When to wash our funny shirts, you have two options: wash them by hand, somewhat more expensive but possibly help our t-shirt not spoiling much, or wash a in the washing machine, and that from now on, nor turns ugly. To achieve this we will have to wash it inside out and the washer in a cold water or delicates program.

When you finish washing machine, run it soon, that it is not within the drum too many hours. If you do this, get that not wrinkling too much and that the iron, if needed, is much easier and therefore less aggressive for our t-shirt.

To run it also it is better that it is upside down and in addition, try to not be too long in the Sun, especially in the hours in which more heat, since the Sun makes that play out the color of the t-shirts and therefore have an older appearance.

In addition, it is best that we tend t-shirts upside down, so will avoid to deform them, or, alternatively, put them on hangers to hang the clothes on the. Any of the two systems will be adding points so our fun, t-shirts are as new even though the years pass.

Tips for Keeping Your Fun T-Shirts as New 2

Tender in a way or another, our favorite, funny shirts can make our shirt keep longer in better condition or not.

We must destender t-shirts just to dry, the less time outdoors are better for good.

Ironing, another very important point to keep in mind and during which they must respect certain guidelines depending on the material of the shirt, but generally speaking, what you have to do is: continue with the t-shirt backward, though if so ironing is not comfortable, can place a cloth between our funny t-shirt and iron and ironing board as well , and in addition do not iron at very high temperatures. In fact, if we followed the tips above, it is not necessary. In this task, a steam iron may be our best ally.

And so far. With these 7 basic tips, you can keep your funny t-shirts as new.

We believe that if you follow these steps, to achieve excellent results. Do you fancy them to try to show off t-shirt funny by the centuries of centuries.?

When you get a t-shirt, it is difficult to assume its deterioration or loss, but this starting today, never more!

Tips for Keeping Your Fun T-Shirts as New 3