The World’s Smallest Cell Phone

Some people love giant screens. No wonder Samsung, HTC, Motorola and many other technology companies are increasing the size of your appliance. Not to mention the emergence of so-called phablets, a mixture of tablet with smartphone.

A small Japanese company, however, is following the opposite path. The Willcom presented the world recently the Phone Strap 2, which she claims to be the smallest cell phone in the world.

The World's Smallest Cell Phone 1

And it must be, because their measures are really impressive. The OLED screen has only 1 inch; your height is 7 cm, with 3.2 cm width and thickness 1.7 cm. If you’ve found this impressive, imagine his weight: 32 g. Just to give an idea, the iPhone 5 weighs 112 g, almost 4 times that. Equal to your size is your battery. This little Champ can only take 2 hours of talk time and 300 hours of standby. He also has a retractable antenna to improve your reception, something already abandoned by other manufacturers.

The unit will be sold in 3 different colors: black, pink and white. Besides making phone calls, he still sends e-mails and text messages.

The World's Smallest Cell Phone 2

But that’s all. I think as there are lovers of screens almost giants, there must be people who are interested in a smaller size. Easy to store, doesn’t take up space and don’t need to be a master in computer science to make a simple call.

Now, the interesting thing is to remember that not too long ago, the fashion phone was smaller and lighter. After the release of the smartphone, this trend was reversed for the more functionality better. I wonder if some day the game can turn again and with minimum dimensions will be high again.

The World's Smallest Cell Phone 3