The Semi Jewels

You’re beginning to your journey as entrepreneur is normal to have doubts which semi jewels must be present on the display, but, don’t worry, this question always arises.

In all the years of experience and accompanying each application and each customer that we serve here in the company, we know uptight which items can not miss in your case, these pieces are classic and atypical, i.e. never go out of fashion and combine with virtually all the looks.

Since we started the Donadiva, some models of semi jewels have always been the flagship of the showcases of our customers, and so I decided to create this post and pass on to you this tip that can only be acquired with years of experience.The Semi Jewels


Can be earring, ring, or necklace, are always high, give preference to zirconia, because diamond and not mimic the lose your shine.

The Solitaire ring is the more classical piece in the history of mankind, very close to the elegant and luxurious, too see in parades and exquisite events because it really expresses refinement with your simplicity and beauty.


The pearls also don’t go out of fashion, if you reinvent and fit the fashion of the moment, are present in all collections of jewelry, semi clothes, handbags and accessories.

They’re romantic and classic, can be combined with any style that always stay beautiful.

Pearl Solitaire earrings are the most sold, for young people, adults and ladies, short or long hair, day-by-day and night always look great.

Follows up a selection of Donadiva earrings models that “sell that no water”

To view more models go to:selling pearls earrings. Here at Bridgat you can get more different models of the jewelry.

A curiosity, the earring style that marked the history was the earring Lady Day.

But anyway, because if you know this model of earring by Lady Day? It’s because she used at the wedding? No, Pearl Earrings actually were part of Princess style. In almost every occasion or everyday Diana was seen with pearl earrings. They are called by that name because reference a set of jewelry worn by her.

As in the photo below, you can see that the style with pearls hanging is striking, she really loved the pearls.The Semi Jewels 2


Big, huge (lol), small, second hole, pocked of zircônias or Granny style, bet on rings always, because they sell.

Who doesn’t have a ring at home and use whenever you are in doubt of what match?

Are light, elegant, combine with almost everything and don’t go out of fashion.

Golden rings used with black front form a look elegant and sexy at the same time, a great option for the hot summer nights. If you do a more discreet style, use with nude lipstick. If it’s more daring, the look will be too cute with colorful mouth!

Children’s jewelry semi:

Tell me, what mom doesn’t buy a little every time I leave the House?

So, these semi jewels can not miss on the display, either a small ball earring or a bracelet of pet, you can bet that if it did, sell!

And the coolest thing is that the semi Donadiva jewelry are all hypo-allergenic and nickel free, so can buy without fear because the quality always prevails.

There are many other styles of semi jewels that are key, I showed a few which are indispensable on the display and you can also always be back when it’s over.

I hope you enjoyed the tip and we’ll shine together!The Semi Jewels 3