Tha Councils: Sleeping Bags For Beavers And Cubs

Right now our Winter Camps are here, at least for the Spanish Scouts, so Tha’s first Tips could be nothing but sleeping bags to protect the sleep of our smaller Scouts.

In the market we can find a ” varied assortment different ” as my father-in-law said, but it never hurts that the more experienced Scouts advise the younger ones about the bags to buy because the fact that we have variety does not mean that we always know Choose the best.

That is why La Roca has come to consult an expert on this. Luis Gilperez, from the Risko store in Seville, Spain, tells us:

On the sleeping bags there is a very interesting aspect that the users either do not know or are mistaken: the issue of the temperatures for which the bags should be purchased.

Particularly I recommend to my clients to choose their bag considering the T1, not another. Most misleading propaganda speaks, without explaining it, the temperature T3.

Tha Councils Sleeping Bags For Beavers And Cubs 1

The general recommendations we make about sacks and, especially on sacks for children 8-11 years, recommend, based on what is stated in point 3, that recommendable are sacks of 180cms in length or with novel solutions such as the model you can See here

The insulation capacity and comfort temperature in a sleeping bag depend on three fundamental characteristics:

  1. Quality of the raw materials used in its manufacture.
  2. Structure or design of the bag.
  3. Size and metabolism of the person using it.
  4. Quality of raw materials

Of all the raw materials, the most important is the filling, the better that is able to retain more heat.

There are feather and polyester fiber fillings. The first, if it has a high percentage of down (90% down, 10% pen) and high grammage, has a higher calorific yield but low
life expectancy; While polyester fiber has low maintenance and long life.

  1. Structure and Design

As the bag is structured according to the standard profile of the person (Mummy type), the bag will isolate better and if it has lateral partitions will evenly distribute the warm air around the user.


The warm air inside the sac due to the temperature of the human body will escape to the outside being renewed by the cold air more dense than the previous one.

The structure of the sac and the size of the person will condition the rate of heating and leakage in a continuous convection process.

Tha Councils Sleeping Bags For Beavers And Cubs 2


Maximum It is the highest temperature where a man of STANDARD complex partially uncovered does not have excessive heat sensation and therefore does not sweat.


Comfort It is the lowest temperature in which a woman of STANDARD complexion and a man of complexion MENUDA, in position relax on the back does not have sensation of cold.


Limit It is the lowest temperature in which a man of STANDARD complexion in shrunken position does not feel cold


Extreme is the lowest temperature in which a woman of STANDARD complexion and a man of complexion MENUDA, runs the risk of suffering HYPOTHERMIA.

  1. User size

The build of the person will modify the comfort temperature of a bag in a substantial way.

The human body is a heat generator at a constant temperature of 36 ° ± 1 °.

A smaller person will occupy less volume inside the bag and therefore there will be a larger volume of air to be heated.

A person of medium / large complexion will occupy a larger volume inside the bag and therefore, when there is not an excessive volume of air, it will reach a higher temperature.

Tha Councils Sleeping Bags For Beavers And Cubs 3

A person of very large build will leave little air volume to heat so you will not be able to warm it either before it has escaped to the outside.


The user, depending on his own complexion, can select the sleeping bag he needs by paying attention to the temperatures that the manufacturer certifies under tests in official laboratories.