Taiwan, China Attractions

Taipei Zoo

Yangmingshan National Park

Mountainous Yangmingshan National Park on Taipei’s northern outskirts is known for its cherry and azalea trees. The park is a popular destination, especially during the flowering period from February to April. From May to June you can see a lot of butterflies here. The park is also known for its amazing waterfalls, terraced rice fields and steaming hot springs.

Lutao – a paradise for divers

The former prison island of Lutao (Eng. Green Island) is located about 30 km east of the port city of Taitung in the Pacific. The human rights memorial park still commemorates the former prisoners, many of whom were political prisoners. The beautiful and species-rich coral reefs along the coast make the island a popular destination for divers. Other sights are the hot salt water springs of Zhaori and the rock formations in the east of the island.

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Temples and shrines

There are over 500 ornate temples and shrines in Taiwan. One of the most famous temples is the Lungshan Temple (Dragon Mountain Temple) in Taipei, built in 1740 and dedicated to Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy. This temple is considered a masterpiece of Asian temple art. Numerous traditional temple festivals take place throughout the year, which are well worth a visit.


The 1945 m high Lishan (German pear mountain) is known for its orchards, especially apples, pears and peaches are grown here. The beautiful landscape with numerous waterfalls and mist-shrouded mountain slopes invites you to take a walk. If the visibility is good, you can see Xueshan (engl. Snow Mountain) from here, which at 3,886 m is the second highest mountain in Taiwan and part of Shei Pa National Park.

Flower and Jade Market

The Flower and Jade Markets are held under an elevated road on Taipei’s Jianguo South Road every weekend. At the flower market you will find a large selection of local plants and flowers, bonsai trees, cacti and typical fruits and vegetables. At the end of the Flower Market is the Jade Market, where vendors offer beautiful calligraphy, antiques, jewelry, and carvings made of jade and coral.

Night markets

In the larger cities, lively night markets take place every evening, where, in addition to all kinds of goods, typical delicacies are also offered. Taipei in particular is known for its night markets. Among the most famous are the market in Shilin and the Huahsi Night Market, also known as “Snake Alley” because of the snakes and turtles for sale here.

Yushan National Park

There are many beautiful hiking trails in Taiwan, but the scenery around Yushan (English: Jade Mountain) is particularly impressive (Internet: www.ysnp.gov.tw/de ). The Yushan itself is the highest mountain in the country at 3,952 m and a very popular destination for mountaineers.


The Alishan (Eng. Mount Ali) is located in an impressive mountain landscape, which is known for its dense bamboo forests and fantastic sunsets. One of the best oolong teas in the world, Alishan High Mountain Tea is grown in this area. The Alishan Forest Recreation Area with its huge red cedars is a popular destination. Other sights are the two sister ponds, the Shouzhen Temple and the Japanese Cihyun Temple. A trip on the Alishan Forrest Railway is an unforgettable experience.

Watching birds and butterflies

Over 460 different bird species live in Taiwan, including very rare endemic species such as thick- billed kitta, swinhoe and mikado pheasant . In addition, more than 400 different species of butterflies live on the island, which can be observed especially in the months of May and June, which are rich in flowers.

Meditation in the monastery

In some Buddhist monasteries, one-week meditation courses are offered in English. Among the better known are the Foguang Shan Monastery near Kaohsiung (website: www.fgs.org.tw ) and the Chung Tai Monastery in Nantou (website: www.chungtai.org.tw ), which opened in 2001 and was designed by the famous architect CY Lee was designed.

Penghu Archipelago

The Penghu Archipelago (Internet: www.penghu.gov.tw/en ) lies in the Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China. On the 64 islands, beautiful sandy beaches and crystal-clear water invite you to relax. Glass-bottom boat trips are offered in many places. The islanders are known for their hospitality and their quiet and humble way of life. The local restaurants serve the best seafood in all of Taiwan.

Taipei Zoo

Taipei Zoo enjoys the reputation of being one of the most beautiful animal parks in Asia (Internet: english.zoo.taipei.gov.tw ). In addition to lions, elephants and kangaroos, you can also see some native animal species such as the pangolin or the Taiwanese black bear. The oldest elephant in the world lived in this zoo until 2003. This is also one of the few zoos that has successfully bred giant pandas.

Taipei Zoo