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How to Keep White Shirts White

All possess white robes, they symbolize purity, freshness increasingly positive emotions, but there is one major drawback that stain as soon as they dressed. But each owner wants to keep his snow white coat and she always look white. We all know how sometimes white acquire that terrible gray in this article you will understand how to • Read More »

How to Use the Boyish Look

Combine beauty and comfort can be a difficulty for many women. Wearing heels, tight clothes that mark any little fat and can disturb no day goes by making you comfortable. To contrast with this, the boyish look can give more comfort because it unites men’s clothes, which are usually more loose-fitting, feminine clothing. Tank tops, • Read More »

How to Use the Neckline Shoulder to Shoulder

The cleavage give a charm on the shirt, especially when the combination is very formal and you need to break that image to go to dinner or out with friends. The neckline, shoulder to shoulder, also called by many of ciganinha model, could not be inspired by other people unless we Gypsies. An advantage of • Read More »

Chess. Learn How to Use the Pattern That Never Goes Out of Style

Large or kid, in skirts, shirts or jackets, no matter: chess is here to stay! Learn how to assemble different looks with this timeless pattern The chess is a classical pattern everyone knows, right? There was a time in which he was seen only as Scottish fashion or “lumberjack shirt”. And that story of that • Read More »

How to Use: Colored or Metallic Pleated Skirt

Metalized or colored, pleated skirt appears in looks the most different styles: whether it’s a footprint more rocker, or totally delicate and feminine You’ve probably seen in fashion editorials, or even the streets, looks beautiful as centerpiece the pleated skirt. I fell in love with them! This skirt style accordion came out back in a Prada • Read More »

How to Assemble an Ideal Look for Work

Wake up every day to work is very good. The bad part is the time lost looking for the perfect outfit to wear that day. We don’t want to keep repeating the same visual, for more practical as that may be, is not cool. It is possible to mount easily and quickly looks for work, • Read More »

What is a Pochette

No, pochette is not a kind of äggrätt As you can probably figure out of the picture above this is a name for the amazing Pochette accessory handkerchief. This simple but important accessory can do great things for your outfit, but that neither cost much or be difficult or uncomfortable to wear. Second after the clock • Read More »