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Bluetooth Connected LED Bulb

Do you know the bluetooth led bulb? If not, here are some directions. Would you like to light up a room for entertaining guests for an evening with a thousand lights, but you hesitate, especially when you see already what will be your electricity bill. You are manager of a dancing, but lights are not • Read More »

How to Tell LED Quality

The Point on the CERTILED Certification Posted November 3, 2016 at 14 h 04 min by Light trade Since September 2016, a new certification has been more about: the CERTILED. Indeed, for several years, the LED market is expanding. The decline in prices and often ignorance of this technology led a reduced quality by some • Read More »

Why Are “Colder” LEDs Brighter and Cheaper?

Why do I get more flux than at “warm white” – partly even for less money at many LED lamps with “colder” temperature ? This question I hear again and again and will be answered here for everyone. Left a “Neutral white” verbatim LED spot, on the right a “warm” Spotlight “LEDs change the world”. Here, not only the colour but also the • Read More »

What are the Top Rated Flashlight Brands?

Maglite 3d Let’s say she’s the older sister of the Mini. With much more power makes it ideal for very large spaces to illuminate, or for long distances. Powered by 3 large batteries, it makes maintenance a bit more expensive than the mini. Also the battery life is longer. Like the little one in the family, it is not adjustable • Read More »