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Ion Fiz Autumn/Winter 2014 / 2015: a Collection Glib But Nice

Here go with the last of the parades that allowed to see its male proposal within the framework of the MBFWMadrid. It is of Ion Fiz, that brings us to the next autumn/winter 2014 / 2015 a collection with very classic and stately dyes which, although initially seem to be more for a costume party to convert it into • Read More »

What’s New from Raf Simons for Fred Perry Is Here

We have new Alliance of brand name and designer and the of RAF Simons with Fred Perry does not catch us unprepared because on more than one occasion they have collaborated on a collection. What has prepared us this time?

Discovering Five Essential Seasonal (I)

In the drafting of Jezebel man We are always communicating through sayings or metaphors. For example, each morning, entered in the office shouting: ‘ come on guys! To whom madruga, Mr Amancio help! ´. This fun, also extends to the rhymes and I therefore believe that our articles have a strange obsession with the number five…

How to Keep White Shirts White

All possess white robes, they symbolize purity, freshness increasingly positive emotions, but there is one major drawback that stain as soon as they dressed. But each owner wants to keep his snow white coat and she always look white. We all know how sometimes white acquire that terrible gray in this article you will understand how to • Read More »

What are Winter Jackets?

The temperatures fall, nor is it autumn, but the winter will come. Without a warm winter jacket, nothing will happen. Who likes to freeze? But snow, rain and icy winds demand some of this important piece of clothing for the cold season. 

Chess. Learn How to Use the Pattern That Never Goes Out of Style

Large or kid, in skirts, shirts or jackets, no matter: chess is here to stay! Learn how to assemble different looks with this timeless pattern The chess is a classical pattern everyone knows, right? There was a time in which he was seen only as Scottish fashion or “lumberjack shirt”. And that story of that • Read More »

How to Use Jacket Jeans

In this chilly winter’s nothing better than being fashionable and well wrapped up. Well, in addition to the gloves, scarves, scarves, tights, we also have the jacket jeans that never comes out of the closet and can be used on various occasions. Serves for the day or the night, can be customized to be with • Read More »

How to Use Collegiate Men’s Jacket?

The varsity jackets, the famous high school jacket, are very successful among young Americans for many years and came to Brazil recently and won the popularity of the men easily. He was so famous that it is almost impossible to see a man who has not a single model in your wardrobe. The success of • Read More »

How to Use Male Sports Vest This Winter

The male vest is seen as a piece of clothing by many, but, when we see this play as an accessory, can create many other combinations using the nylon or polyester jackets, which is called a Waistcoat in the USA. In this text, we will see the male sports vest as an accessory for not • Read More »