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The Semi Jewels

You’re beginning to your journey as entrepreneur is normal to have doubts which semi jewels must be present on the display, but, don’t worry, this question always arises. In all the years of experience and accompanying each application and each customer that we serve here in the company, we know uptight which items can not • Read More »

How to Use Clutch Bag

Navigation BRIEF HISTORY OF CLUTCH BAG HOW TO USE BAG CLUTCH MODELS FOR EVERY BUDGET First female passion, shoes. Second female passion, handbags! No wonder this statistic, since buying a purse always is on the purchase of a shoe. Yes, women only need this excuse to buy a new bag… the shoe is new! The truth is that we • Read More »

What is a Backpack?

To know if a bag is suitable for your back, load it, put it by placing the lap belt to the height that is comfortable for you and tighten the straps (released charge of recalls). A good size bag must marry perfectly your back, shoulders included. You must not be empty or compression point, nor • Read More »

What is Greasy Leather

Choose a quality finish is essential to buy a bag: The fat leather has advantages! Why the choice of leather is important: When looking for a handbag or any other format, it often attaches importance to its style, line and layout. Anything that can make the value of a bag, of course. But the choice of leather • Read More »