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What Is to Return

Return is a word of the dictionary for brazilian Portuguese that is sorting grammatically as a transitive verb law and bitransitivo. Return is a term that means to give back, give back or repay. This term can be used referring to any thing or any situation, being about something material, immaterial), going up to situations metafisicas.

What Is Yolo

Yolo is an abbreviation in English that became a motto showing the meaning “You Only Live Once”, in which the translation into Portuguese means “you only live once”. This term is a slang of the internet very popular due to their use by members of multiple social networks that placed or practiced this idea or ideal in their • Read More »


The Backoffice or Back office or even the BackOffice are the ways of writing the English term that, for us, has the meaning of support, also defined as the rear, and refers to the business departments that have little or no contact with their clients. Back, in English, it means “ago”, and the office has the meaning of “office”.