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What Is the Anomaly

Abnormality is ranked by the grammar of Portuguese as a feminine noun, whose origin goes back to the Latin anomaly. This is everything that deviates from their normal course and which can be considered as abnormal or freak. In Astronomy, the anomaly is used to refer to the angle that defines the position of a certain star that • Read More »

What Is Straight

Hetero is a prefix or radical used in the formation of various words in the Portuguese language. Its origin is Greek, being a term of composition, which terminates the idea of other, of different. Whenever you see a word with the root “hetero”, she is referring to the idea of something that is different, diverse, dessemelhante.


Login is a term of English origin, formed by the junction of two words: “log” which is the same as the record and “in,” which means “within”. For now, the term sign means a sign,already has its antonym in English is out (join “log” and “out”, this being the same as “outside”) that refers to terminate the session. The • Read More »