Studded Bike Tires in Winter

Bike culture: studded tires are big sellers even this winter.

From an already record-high level reports our members that the sale points up again this year. Swedish winter cyclists to ride safely, says Berit Gibbs at the Trade Organization bike engine and sportfackhandlarna.

Studded Bike Tires in Winter

Close to one-fifth of Swedish people winter bikes nowadays, and the sale of studded tires continued to increase, as well as the interest to submit their bike serviced by specialist dealers. It is apparent in the industry organization Svensk cycling recently published Bike trend report 2014 where one of the year’s trends relating to the increased awareness of winter cyclists.

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Studded Bike Tires in Winter 1

Generally takes the Swede better care of their bikes now. Because the trend is to spend more money on his bicycle purchase, so if you put more time and money on maintenance service work for the winter. It increases the bike’s life, says Berit Gibbs at the Trade Organization.

In addition to studded tyres and service also sells lighting, reflective vests, helmets, gloves and thin wind caps to wear under the helmet really good this winter.

Studded Bike Tires in Winter 2

Safety and comfort are the keywords for the modern winter cyclist, and this requires the right equipment. To Swedish bikers are becoming more aware and knowledgeable, I see as a welcome sign that bicycle culture in the country grows stronger every year, says Klas Elm, President of the industry organization Svensk cycling.

Studded Bike Tires in Winter 3

Vintercyklandet in Sweden has thus been established seriously in recent years, and between 2012 and 2013 noted Sifo a slight increase – 18 percent of Swedes winter bikes nowadays, at least one day a week, many bikes on a daily basis.