Sights of Chicago, Illinois

Sights of Chicago, Illinois

Landmarks of Chicago. The most important and interesting sights of Chicago – photos and videos, descriptions and reviews, location, sites.

Chicago does not need to be represented twice. At the mention of this American metropolis, a chain of images and associations arises in the mind associated with the merciless mafia and gangster showdowns, with skyscrapers soaring upwards, with the luxury of theaters and cabarets. But modern Chicago is also an outlandish combination of all kinds of architectural styles, successfully built into the urban space, where ultra-modern business districts are intertwined with old buildings, huge department stores and monumental skyscrapers rise against the backdrop of endless amusement parks. Chicago is the “great lake” Michigan and the fast-flowing Chicago River, the Willis Tower (which held the world height record for a quarter of a century!) and the observatory at the John Hancock Center, the sculptures of Pablo Picasso and Joan Miro, the Rockefeller Memorial Chapel and the Bahai Temple in Wilmette. See citypopulationreview for state facts, symbols and history of Illinois.

Get ready for the fact that there will not be enough time for all the sights, so it is better to prepare a plan for excursions in Chicago in advance.

Get ready for the fact that there will not be enough time for all the sights, so it is better to prepare a plan for excursions in Chicago in advance.

Museums in Chicago

Museums in Chicago are apparently invisible. There are serious museums, designed for a thoughtful visit and a willingness to perceive new information, there are museums of an interactive and entertaining format where you can go with the whole family, there are art museums that store world masterpieces in their storerooms. There are also highly specialized centers, for example, the DuSable Museum of African-American History or the National Museum of Art of Mexico, and there are record holders in attendance – the ultra-modern Adler Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium.

The top five most popular Chicago museums, which are recommended by almost all guidebooks, consistently include the Field Museum of Natural History, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Science and Industry, and the Shedd Aquarium. Even if you don’t have much free time, you should definitely visit at least one of the listed museums. You will be able to get an impression of the organization of museum work in the United States and, of course, you will collect many observations about Chicago itself, its culture and inhabitants.

Active travelers who try to visit the entire range of city museums can save a decent amount of US dollars if they purchase a CityPass tourist card.

Parks of Chicago

Chicago’s parks are manicured green spaces, each designed with ambitious plans to be the best, the biggest, the most interesting, the best. Chicago parks favorably emphasize the natural and cultural features of the city, making it more comfortable for its residents and attractive as a tourist metropolis. The largest public park in Chicago is Lincoln Park. It stretches for 11 km along Lake Michigan and fits on its territory at once seven well-groomed beaches, several sports fields, football and basketball fields, there are secluded corners and modern concert venues.

One of the “chips” of Lincoln Park is a free zoo, familiar, perhaps, to all Chicago children and their parents.

Millennium Park is almost a century and a half younger, but thanks to the creativity of local architects and sculptors, it is no less famous and visited. The park is full of amazing installations and sculptural compositions, the main one being the mirrored “cloud gate” or simply “bean”.

Every year, new parks and recreation areas appear in Chicago, giving the city charm and creating comfortable living conditions for citizens. Recent developments include Maggie Daley, 606 and North Island parks.

Other attractions

Its grandiose skyscrapers with an observation deck as an indispensable attribute on some 115th floor have become a real symbol of the city. Waterfront skyscrapers, Willis Tower, Aqua Tower, Tribune Tower, Marina City, John Hancock Center… It’s easy to become a virtual “collector” here and create a collection of photographs of Chicago skyscrapers. And the city is full of all kinds of monuments and monuments, bars with history and grandiose fountains. In a word, a tourist in Chicago will definitely find something to do at his leisure!

Sights of Chicago, Illinois