Seminyak, Indonesia

Seminyak, Indonesia

The respectable and even somewhat glamorous Balinese resort Seminyak is preferred by Europeans with a well-filled wallet, as well as by all those who are eager to get a charge of civilized exoticism. Side by side it borders the village of Kuta – another solid resort, but even it pales somewhat with the grooming of Seminyak. However, the boundaries of the districts are so blurred that it is almost impossible to say where one ends and the other begins.

The main “chips” of Seminyak are a first-class sandy beach, quality hotels, good restaurants, a lot of art galleries, as well as compactness, thanks to which all the infrastructure is at hand for a leisurely tourist. At the same time, guests will not be bored: if during the day the streets are full of unhurried idle people, then in the evenings they begin a different life – cheerful, bright and very tempting. See Bridgat for climate and weather information of Indonesia.

How to get to Seminyak

Seminyak is located a 25-minute drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport (its second name is Denpasar). Almost all local hotels send a free shuttle service for their guests. However, you can easily get there on your own: by taxi. There is an official order desk at the exit of the arrivals hall (they say the fares are too high), or Blue Bird taxis waiting for their guests on the street. The average check is about 65,000-70,000 IDR.


Seminyak has beautiful beaches – long, wide, sunny, sandy, well-equipped. And the farther the strip goes from Kuta, the fewer people on the coast and in the water – which is also a considerable plus, given the overcrowding of the same Kuta or Legian. Officially, the resort has two beaches, although it’s impossible to really find their boundaries – these are Double Six and Petitenget, near the temple of the same name.

Double Six Beach is the most popular in Seminyak. On the one hand, this is a plus – it is always fun and there is a lot of entertainment around, on the other hand, it is dirtier than parts of the coast to the north. But there are excellent waves for surfing. There are a lot of cafes and shops along the surf line, which is why everyone loves to arrange an evening promenade along the Double Six.

Petitenget Beach got its name from the Balinese temple that stands very close by. Families with children will definitely not like it here, but surfers will be delighted – the waves on Petitenget are what you need. Another advantage of this coast is that there are few vacationers and just as few wandering sellers offering junk.

Entertainment and attractions in Seminyak

Seminyak’s main cultural attraction is the temple that gave the beach its name. The name of this place is noteworthy – the Balinese sanctuary of Petitenget translates approximately as a “magic box”. And if you look at the bizarre pattern of ornaments, the abundance of sculptures, decor and bas-reliefs, associations with a box full of secrets and miracles will come involuntarily. But not only because of its architecture, the temple received such a name. It is said that in the 16th century, the revered priest Dang Hyang Nirartha from Java arrived on the island, who carried not only his wonderful bag, but also an important mission.

However, it will not be possible to verify this for sure today: in the annals of history, written documents regarding the visit of the priest have not been preserved.

In addition, Seminyak is famous for its art galleries, most of which are owned by expats who came to Bali, fell in love with this place and opened a business here. One of the most notable salons is the Positive Negative Visual Gallery. All works are devoted, as a rule, to Bali – these are photographs, paintings, and sculptures. After admiring local modest masterpieces, guests are offered coffee or a cocktail in the local mini-bar. The National Art Gallery of Bali, opened by a native of the US state of Montana, is also noteworthy. The salon is more like a small museum than a space for the sale of works, it mostly exhibits valuable hand-made products from around the world (textiles, jewelry, sculptures).

Art gallery Biasa ArtSpace is the “daughter” of the famous Balinese clothing brand. However, the assortment is far from just things, here you can look at wonderful collections of contemporary art: paintings, figurines, a mini-library with books and magazines on art, there is even a studio for artistic restoration. Finally, the Kendra Gallery is a truly unique art space in the middle of a green garden with a pond and lilies. The local collection introduces the work of young Indonesian artists working in the style of surrealism and pop art.

Equally interesting is the spacious velocita bohemienne (or “speed room”) showroom, where vintage racing helmets and clothes, bicycles, and photos on red brick walls are on display.

Having replenished the cultural baggage, it is worth breaking away a bit or relaxing “in a vegetable way”. Jumping is responsible for the first point of the program – jumping from a height of 45 m. An elevator lifts to the top of the site, you can jump even at sunset, The Bungy Company closes only at 20:00. Well, for relaxation and complete relaxation, there is nothing better than a Balinese massage or one of the procedures in local spas.

Seminyak for kids

Seminyak is a resort for respectable Europeans who like to relax with children, so for kids from 0 to 12 years old, there is a lot of entertainment here. In particular, El Parque Bali operates – a whole complex for family tourists. There is a children’s shop, a swimming pool and a playground. Kids are offered to swim in the paddling pool, frolic on swings and in the sandbox, play children’s bowling, and parents can relax in a local restaurant. Approximately the same concept of recreation is prepared for its guests by Lollipop’s Playland. Playgrounds for toddlers and children aged 8-12: slides, trampolines, an obstacle course with a climbing wall, a water area for games. Well, parents – in a cafe, so as not to interfere.

You can also take the Perama bus, but this is not very convenient, since they do not stop directly in Seminyak, only in neighboring Kuta on Jalan Legian Street. However, if guests are not burdened with a large number of suitcases, it will take no more than 15 minutes to walk there.

Seminyak, Indonesia