Resorts and Attractions of Maldives

Attractions of Maldives

The Maldives is a state in South Asia, located on a group of atolls in the Indian Ocean. The climate is subequatorial monsoon (dry – November-March, rainy – June-August).

The air temperature stays within +30*С all year round, the water temperature is about +26*С, short-term rains fall mainly at night.

Due to its proximity to the equator, the seasonal changes associated with the monsoons are negligible. During the southwest monsoon (from May to October) it rains more often, strong waves at sea are most frequent in June. The northeast monsoon season (November to February) is considered the dry season.

According to Existingcountries, the capital is Male. Currency – Maldivian rufiyaa (equal to 100 laari. 1 US dollar is equal to approximately 12 rufiyaa, 1 euro – 15 rufiyaa). Religion – Islam. The official language is Dhivehi, which is close to Sinhala. In Male and in the resorts, English is widely used. Outside the tourist area, it is difficult to communicate in English.

The population of the country is 400 thousand people. The weather is hot all year round. The best time is November-April (calm sea and dry climate). From May to October the weather is worse. The rainy season is June-August.
Time from April to October is 1 hour ahead of Moscow time, from November to March time is 2 hours ahead. The duration of the flight Moscow – Male by direct charter flight is about 8 and a half hours.

The Maldives archipelago is one of the most ancient settlements. Unfortunately, little historical evidence of this has survived to this day. But it is known for sure that the first settlers came here in 2000 BC. e.

The Republic of Maldives is synonymous with a luxurious vacation on a paradise beach surrounded by the ocean. Yes, that’s exactly what you see on many computer screensavers. The amazing location of this country does not allow us to talk about the country in the usual geographical sense for us. Surprisingly friendly and hospitable population of about 400 thousand people lives on 200 islands.

Upon entering the country, a tourist visa is opened free of charge for up to 30 days. When leaving the country, an airport tax of US$ 10 per person is payable.

Resorts and attractions of the Maldives

The Maldives archipelago consists of 26 atolls, is located 700 km southwest of Sri Lanka and crosses the equator line. The total area is 90 thousand km2. Of the 1190 islands, only 200 are inhabited (the population is about 270 thousand people), and 87 islands are tourist resorts. The Maldives is one of the best snorkeling and diving destinations in the world. There is everything for this: uninhabited islands, warm and crystal clear waters with excellent visibility, sometimes exceeding 50 meters, a huge number of reefs and a variety of marine life. All Maldivian resorts have scuba diving centers where professional instructors who speak the main European languages, conduct courses for beginners and dives for experienced scuba divers. Those who wish are offered excursions to the capital Male, fishing villages, trips to uninhabited islands for half a day or a whole day with a picnic on the beach, fishing in the morning or evening, helicopter rides.

Russian tourists are now increasingly giving preference to holidays abroad. The exotic country of the Maldives, located on the islands of the coral reef, has become the most popular. The beauty of these islands leaves a lasting impression on tourists. For those who are accustomed to relaxing on the mainland, the Maldives will seem like a fabulous paradise, located in the middle of the ocean. Holidays here will bring joy not only to parents, but also to their children.

Small island, azure sea, white sand, warm sun. The Maldives is located on the equator in the Indian Ocean, east of Africa and south of India. The archipelago has about 1190 small islands, 200 of which are inhabited. There are 73 resorts on these inhabited islands.
These islands have the most beautiful nature and a rich underwater world, an extraordinary cobalt color and amazingly clear water and magnificent coral reefs. In the warm waters of the lagoon, among the colorful coral thickets, life is in full swing. Fish of all shapes and colors live here. Crabs, squids, sea urchins and starfish, shells of extraordinary beauty.

The Maldivian resort complex Raina was considered the most expensive until 2008. To stay for a day in this paradise, you need to pay $10,000. Together with the number you will be provided with your own island where you can go fishing. You will be provided with a place for the yacht and the opportunity to order any drinks. Everything is included in the payment. Only 9 people can stay at the hotel at the same time.

Diving in the Maldives. The Maldives is one of the rare places where everyone from beginner to expert will find excellent conditions for scuba diving. There are specialized schools on the islands for those who are going to make their first dive. You will be able to dive in areas with lots of corals, steep slopes and a wide variety of tropical fish.

North Male
Atoll The main atoll of the Maldives, where the capital of the republic is located – the city of Male. The size of the atoll is 69 km long and 39 km wide. North Male Atoll consists of 50 islands and several smaller islets. Tourists are attracted here by snow-white beaches, turquoise lagoons and a cozy atmosphere.

South Male Atoll The
atoll consists of 30 islands, 3 of which are inhabited by people, 10 uninhabited and 17 hotel islands. The size of the atoll is 36 km long and 19 km wide. Transfer to the resorts in most cases is carried out by speed boats, to the nearby islands they get on dhoni motor boats.

Addu Atoll
Addu Atoll is located approximately 480 km from Hulule International Airport and the capital Male. This is the southernmost atoll of the Maldives archipelago, it is located south of the equator. The island has well-developed communications and roads. Gan Island is very different from the rest of the islands of the Maldives archipelago. This is the largest island in Addu Atoll, its dimensions are 5 km long and 3 km wide, with dense vegetation, flowering shrubs and banana plantations. Four neighboring islands can be cycled through, are slightly smaller than Ghana and are connected to it by dams. The total length of the route is 20 km. Every island has great swimming spots,

Ari and Rasdhoo atolls
Ari Atoll, 33 km long from west to east and 96 km from north to south, is located east of Male, it includes the large Ari atoll and the small Rasdhoo. The atoll consists of about 70 islands, of which 18 are inhabited, and 26 islands are considered tourist. This is a fairly new resort area, construction here began in the early 1990s. and has now reached its peak, the zone is quickly gaining popularity among tourists. The inhabitants of the atoll are engaged in the manufacture of sails, the collection and processing of corals, hunting for turtles and sharks, from which they extract oil for lubricating dhoni.

Baa Atoll
The atoll includes 10 inhabited and 41 uninhabited islands. Length: 42 km long and 32 km wide. The concept of the resort is an amazing combination of Robinson Crusoe-style relaxation and modern comfort.

Dhaalu Atoll
A seaplane flight to this main island of the atoll, Velavaru, takes 40 minutes. The locals call it the island of turtles (velaa means turtle in Dvivehi). Tropical vegetation, tall palm trees, sandy beaches and a picturesque lagoon attract wildlife lovers to Velavaru.

Laviani Atoll
The atoll is located 120 km north of North Male, it consists of 63 islands, most of them concentrated on 30 km around the barrier reef, from Selikhifushi in the east to Aligau at the southernmost point of this atoll. This is one of the best diving spots in the Maldives. There are many beautiful corals and alcyonaria, including bright tropical fish. In these waters, you can watch myriads of glassfish of the imperial angelfish family and even meet moray eels and a large nurse shark.

Attractions of Maldives