Pretension is a word that has the meaning of the action you want something, that is, the demands or requests. Can also be considered something, or what if you have the desire to conquer.


Claim has the meaning of a positive act when she is presented with a sense of aspiration, that is, as a desire that causes someone to seek that which is objective or aims.

However, that may mean the claim has an other sense, that is, the word can have a connotation totally reverse pejorative. In this case, the term claim is placed when the desire to conquer some goal or good of consumption is considered to be too ambitious and exaggerated

In this way, the meaning of the word claim will be defined from the meaning that the person used the word inside the sentence, respecting the context and the situation in which it is inserted.

There can be that doubt as to the spelling: you write the claim or pretense? It needs to be clear which is the correct claim, with “s” and not with “t”.

The word pretension has as a synonym the following terms:

The sense of smugness

  • Arrogance;
  • Allocation;
  • Haughtiness;
  • Arrogance;
  • Presumption;
  • Vanity.

Pretension 2

The sense of aspiration

  • Ambition;
  • Longing;
  • Aspiration;
  • Search;
  • Desire;
  • Intention;
  • Will.

Wage claim

The meaning of the claim, along with other words, you can have a sense very specific. It is the case of a wage claim, which is the minimum value that a person has the desire to receive, and sets forth for another to occupy a position in a company or even to perform a service, in particular, as a freelance or a freelancer, for example.

Pretension 3

In general, the wage claim is said during the job interview or in a letter of interest sent along with a resume, which may also receive the indication of the desired value.

Legal claim

There is also special significance in the sphere of law for the word pretense. In this case, it is the desire, by means of a request or claim of a holder for which any right is to be fulfilled, protected by a legal order.

There is also the claim is resisted, whose concept is nothing more than a pretense dissatisfied, to the contrary, that shall impose any resistance to the enforcement of any agreement or legal transaction is lawful and previously agreed between the parties.