Plus Size Prints Questions and Answers

The plus size fashion has conquered space, but your ride looks ideal still leaves many doubts. One of the main questions is about the prints. They can get fat? Stripes are prohibited? Combinations should be done only with black?

Beatriz Mafra, style team, site of Blumenau, States that there are no rules. An example are some celebrities, such as actress and presenter Mariana Xavier or humorist Fabiana Carla, who are not afraid to mix prints and colors showing that the wardrobe does not have to be square. The style team get all the doubts and leaves aside some myths about prints:

Plus Size Prints Questions and Answers

Prints get fat?

They do not decrease and or increase the body, but can generate a visual alteration. With a few tricks you can dribble that impression. A tip already well known is opt for silk screen with dark background and with small drawings. But the key is to bet on the trim of the play and in the correct size, highlighting the strengths and the specific body regions.

Horizontal stripes are prohibited?

The horizontal stripes were always villains in plus size looks for having a reputation for flatten and fatten up the silhouette. Who has never used the pattern can start gradually, betting on the discrete versions, as the thin stripes. But the thicker versions are great choices for a modern and stylish look, so it should not be left entirely to one side. Is valid remember that they call more attention and so the priority should be in good trim.

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Combinations with just black?

Black is a versatile color and becomes the first option in time to match prints. However, other colors considered neutral can compose a visual stamped as Navy Blue, grey, white and other light shades like beige. An alternative is to choose a color that already exists in print and so create a more joyful and harmonious look.

Fatties can use showy and colorful prints.

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Yes, large and showy patterns are released. But not to overload the visual, may be accompanied by impartial or parts with some caution. The Council for rock look is if worth of little tricks that value and draw the silhouette as belts to mark the waist and high heels to give impression of height.

Printed pants are banned?

This is a myth that needs to be debunked. Printed pants fashion continues at hoticle for next season and can be used by all. The tip for women plus size glass with this piece is always opt for good fit. Escape of the models really tight and that mark imperfections and invest in tissues and set molds. To combine, blouses or shirts should be in neutral colors or that harmonize with the pants pattern.

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