Pay-per-view is a system in which viewers can pay to watch a programming – specific, because it is not included in the common channels and not on the normal schedule of TV, cable, or satellite. Usually the fee for release of the programs is added in the account of the operator.


  • Pay-per-view, in its translation to Portuguese, means “pay-to-view”.

Separating the words:

  • Pay (noun) payment, salary, remuneration.
  • Pay (verb) – to pay.
  • Pay (adjective) – paid, salaried, paid.
  • Per (preposition) – by.
  • View (noun) view, view, view.
  • View (verb) – to examine, watch, see, look.

Watch pay-per-view

When the user buys a program, which you want to watch in the mode pay-per-view, she is seen at the same time by all the subscribers who acquired it, and not at the time that they want, as happens with systems of video-on-demand.

Users can watch, for example, the pay-per-view football live , or they can purchase the right to attend other events such as:

  • Movies.
  • Championship fights.
  • Shows.
  • Documentaries.

The pay-per-view channels possess characteristics that are distinct from those of the common. The movies that they have available for the watch user are those that have been released recently and are not available in other channels. After a time, these settings are removed and do not return.

Pay-per-view 2

  • In the pay-per-view TV the emissions are encoded and received especially for subscribers who have the devices set-top boxes.

The acronym PPVis also used to refer to the technology pay-per-view channels.

Example of a sentence with the word pay-per-view:

  • I prefer to watch the programs of tv by the system pay-per-view.

Even though this kind of service exists since the decade of 70 in the United States, the term pay-per-view only started to be widespread, definitely in the 90’s, when companies such as Showtime and HBO have taken the initiative to use it to view movies and other productions of their own.

To acquire the right of watch schedules to be by the PPV Skyin the pay-per-view NET program or the system pay-per-view from the other carriers, just that the users use the phone (for older appliances cable TV) or the remote control (for the equipment new).

There are several operators of Tv by subscription, for example:

  • Sky.
  • Hi TV.
  • Of course TV.
  • NET.
  • Alive.
  • GVT.

The system PPV is available worldwide to any person who wishes to purchase different programming to watch on some channel, pay-per-view channels.

Pay-per-view 3

This technology brings a lot of profit for the operators of TV by subscription. They have a good return on the investments that they make to purchase the right to view the programs. In the United States some of the championship fights are financed through the profits obtained by the pay-per-view channels.

Difference between system A La Carte and Pay-per-view (operator NET)

Both the system pay-per-view as the A La Carte products are employed and paid in addition to the programming normal. The difference is that:

  • The events of the pay-per-view channels have a length pre-determined and single payment may be in installments or to view.
  • Already the A La Carte are extra channels of programming that can be watched continuously and the user does the monthly payment.