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What is Bronchial Asthma

Bronchial asthma is a chronic respiratory disease of the airways in which many cells and cellular elements play a role (mast cells, eosinophils, T lymphocytes, macrophages, neutrophils and epithelial cells). In susceptible individuals this inflammation leads to rekurent episodes bronhoobstruktsiya…
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What is Aldosteronism

Aldosteronism or syndrome at Kon Classification Primary aldosteronism is characterized by svarhproduktsiya aldosterone from the adrenal cortex (renin independent production). Secondary hyperaldosteronism is characterized by the overproduction of aldosterone due to activation of the renin angiotensin system (renin dependent output).

What is Skeletonization

As you get older the tissues yield and appear first wrinkles and spots on the skin. But this process so hostile to us women, not only affects the soft tissues, but also the bones.We speak of ‘skeletonization’effect. Over the years, what…
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What is Watchmaker

Watch brands, there are almost like the sand of the sea-really good this filter is often difficult. In this context the term watchmaker appears too often, to differentiate (supposedly) very high-quality brands of others. But what is even a watch manufacturer and watchmaker which…
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