How to Use Accessories on the Beach

Summer is, without doubt, one of the times of the year that the Brazilians more like: it’s time to take a vacation, the end-of-year holidays and the Carnival. All of these events within excellent condensates to be by the sea enjoying sombra e agua fresca. But it’s not because you’re on vacation you can overlook • Read More »

How to Dress According to Your Sign

Each person has a sign and according to astrology, it has its own characteristics making part and building the personality of each. Similarly, each sign has a way of its own to wear something that matches your way of being and acting on several occasions. See below what is the look right for you according • Read More »

How to Dress Well for Any Occasion

Learn to dress well has little to do with expensive clothes and a wardrobe super crowded with brands. A proof of this is that we’ve seen several famous making stumbles when it comes to the visual. There are much more important things and that you should worry about in time to dress well. Dressing well • Read More »

How to Use Clochard

The clochard pants was fashion in years 80 and now returned with everything. Learn how to bring this trend already elegant and feminine once again for your wardrobe There remains some doubt that the 80 years came back with everything? After I remove the mom jeans from the closet, now is the time to rescue • Read More »

How to Set up a Look for Marriage

Not only of bridesmaids, bridesmaids and brides living a marriage. If you’ve been invited to one, you’re probably wondering which clothes go and worried about finding the suitable outfit. The problem is that you still have no idea what look is best suited for such an event. See also great options of looks for bridesmaids. • Read More »

How to Assemble an Ideal Look for Work

Wake up every day to work is very good. The bad part is the time lost looking for the perfect outfit to wear that day. We don’t want to keep repeating the same visual, for more practical as that may be, is not cool. It is possible to mount easily and quickly looks for work, • Read More »

How to Mix Prints

Certainly, the mix of prints is one of the biggest doubts among women when it comes to fashion. Even the more tuned in the fashion world are with a flea behind the ear when you need to mix prints. The more timid prefer not to risk, but this way you can never invest in a • Read More »

How to Buy Clothes for Winter

Is approaching the coldest season of the year and we need to be with the closet very well prepared. Nobody likes to be cold and some days it is so cold that it’s hard to get out of bed and put some clothes on. In addition, it is not enough to be warm. You can’t • Read More »

How to Use The Green “Greenery”

The “green leaf” is elected the Pantone color of the year and we teach you right to use and abuse of this trend Every December I keep an eye on choice of Pantone, global supplier standards of colors, to find out which color will be voted the big trend for the coming year. After the • Read More »

How to Use the Must-Have Shoe of Summer 2017

Comfortable and full of personality, the slide-slippers that were already sets in the years 90-come back with more modern than ever. Learn how to use already! Who knew those nothing delicate chinelões-formerly called “rider” – used primarily by men in the years 90, would return with everything. A new and modern versions, the slide are the big • Read More »

How to Use the 20 to 50 Years Bermuda

The shorts back in 2017. Want to know how to use this piece without error and so sophisticated? Check out tips for all ages! With the bermuda has no middle ground, you either love or hate. If for you, she is part of the team, darlings parts that matter will help you – a lot! • Read More »

How to use Monkey, the Bet of the Summer 2017

Who loves a monkey? The play, which mimics a jumpsuit, but in shorter version, is the perfect option for those who want to keep the style, but without heat. Comfortable and well fresh, they are the sure bet for the hottest days and look good on every woman, no matter if you high, low, more • Read More »

How to Buy Clothes for the Gym

Take good care of your body and health is a habit that we should have for the rest of our lives. Our well-being is one of the most important assets we have and I’m not just talking about physical health itself. If you look in the mirror and like what you see is also very • Read More »

How to Transition to the Spring Wardrobe

The timing was pointed out, we set the clocks, the days are longer and the mother nature advertises itself in all your splendor. However, the arrival of spring is still characterized by uncertain days, now it’s hot, now it’s cold, sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it’s rain … learn how to transition to the Spring wardrobe • Read More »

How to Use a Dress Falls-Falls, Day and Night

No more versatile Summer piece, fresh and sexy as a dress falls-falls: ideal for working days, the moments of leisure, the 1001 celebrations and the hottest night of the year, learn how to monetize your falls-falls preferred to show the brass and sense of style.

How to Be a Model

The dream of many women’s parade by the most respected names in the world of fashion, is treading the best runways in the world, is being photographed by famous photographers for the most read fashion magazines in the industry. Want to be a model? Continue reading.

How to Look Thinner with the Right Outfit

Be chubby or thin, at least once in their life most women certainly have felt the urge to dress up an outfit that left her thinner, either because he won a few extra pounds, because if you think fat Chick, are you feeling bloated, reason is what we need. So today I bring you some • Read More »

How to Assemble Looks Fresh

Summer is a season that demands that we use less clothing, due to the high temperatures are practically forced to use shorter pieces, without sleeves and lighter fabrics. So today I bring you some essential tips for the look, so you’ll have a summer full of style, attitude and great elegance. Every occasion will ask • Read More »

How to Use Flare Jeans

The flare jeans are back, with a taste for the 70s! Inspired by the pants the flared, come to us with a more sleek and modern. Unlike the old model, the flare jeans are just to the knee and open more evenly, giving a touch of elegance to anyone who uses them.

How to Use Torn Jeans (Destroyed)

The time has passed in which use torn jeans was synonymous with “sloppiness”, right people. It’s been a while since the jeans destroyed fell in the grace of the gang, and was taking care of the most stylish looks in various forms: a torn jeans, shorts, a vest shredded destroyed, and so it goes … • Read More »