How to Use Black And White

Learn how to give a new face to the black and white classic combination and that never goes out of style! Fashion reinvents itself each season. What today’s trend, tomorrow is no longer so, gives a relief to know that some pieces, colors and combinations are classic and never come out of the walkways, huh? • Read More »

How to Use the Neckline Shoulder to Shoulder

The cleavage give a charm on the shirt, especially when the combination is very formal and you need to break that image to go to dinner or out with friends. The neckline, shoulder to shoulder, also called by many of ciganinha model, could not be inspired by other people unless we Gypsies. An advantage of • Read More »

How to Use Deep Neckline

Feminine and super sexy, teaching the tricks of celebrities for you to use the deep cleavage without making any faux pas Have you noticed with regardless of the style, color or decide the dress, the celebrities have appeared at parties and events with increasingly generous necklines? The truth is that the deep neckline, which became • Read More »

How to Use the Cropped Top

This piece is one of the most commonly used by women this summer. She is great to take to the beach or wherever you want to be more comfortable as a bar or at a barbecue with friends. The cropped top is a piece that covers only the fair going bust until almost the very • Read More »

How to Use Overalls

The jumpsuit is a piece that still cause a lot of controversy among women, but depending on the model, the fabric, color and pattern, he is released to all. The best of this piece is for being single and so saves a lot of time in choosing the look of the day. See models, inspirations • Read More »

How to Use Skirts nd Dresses in Winter

The cold came with everything, but that doesn’t mean you need to let your creativity down there in time to get dressed. To wear dresses and skirts, even in winter, here are some good ideas Is a mistake to think that winter is synonymous with pants + jacket. This “uniform” that may be a classic, • Read More »

How to Use Winter Coats

Ponchos, parkas, wool … the winter coats are beautiful and create a look amazing! Now, all you need is to learn when to use each one and what models can not miss in your wardrobe All it took was the temperature down a little bit for us get the winter coats from the closet. Imagine • Read More »

How to Use Leather Pants

Perfect for the colder days, the leather pants, in addition to beautiful and super versatile compulsory piece this winter I’m suspect to talk about leather pants … as you can see in the photos I’m in love with them! When placed with a silk shirt is very chic, in my opinion. Leather, as well as • Read More »

How to Choose the Right Shoe for Every Occasion

The clothes you already have but did you ever notice how sometimes beats that doubt in time to define the shoes? Learn here how to choose the right shoe for every moment of the day and be beautiful from head to toe! Work Blazer, jeans to go to the movies, out to dinner dress. Not • Read More »

Transparency in Winter: How to Use This Trend

If used in the right way and balanced, transparency has everything to make your look more modern, stylish, even in winter It’s no secret that transparency lets any production lighter, modern and sexy, no matter what time of the day or occasion. Myself, I love it! And contrary to what many people think, if combined • Read More »

Guide of the Pictures: Learn What to Use and How to Combine

No matter the season, the prints reign absolute in the world of fashion. So I did the manual for you to learn how to combine them and in which you must bet to not commit any fashion faux pas The it-girl Aida Ships knows well how to mix the main fashion prints You can’t deny • Read More »

Chess. Learn How to Use the Pattern That Never Goes Out of Style

Large or kid, in skirts, shirts or jackets, no matter: chess is here to stay! Learn how to assemble different looks with this timeless pattern The chess is a classical pattern everyone knows, right? There was a time in which he was seen only as Scottish fashion or “lumberjack shirt”. And that story of that • Read More »

Dressed in Tennis: Learn How to Use This Trend

Have you ever thought about combining the elegance of dresses with the comfort of sneakers? Now you can! Learn how to match dress shoes in modern and stylish looks It’s been a long time since the shoes fell in like the fashionistas. All white, colored, metallic … more than using the shoes on a daily • Read More »

How to Use Jacket Jeans

In this chilly winter’s nothing better than being fashionable and well wrapped up. Well, in addition to the gloves, scarves, scarves, tights, we also have the jacket jeans that never comes out of the closet and can be used on various occasions. Serves for the day or the night, can be customized to be with • Read More »

How to Use Belt Properly

For those who like a more clean look without a lot of prints and more discreet, the accessories are leading figures in the visual. The belt, which was once considered only for functional use, namely, when a suit was very loose, today he is considered to be in potential accessory. They became close allies of • Read More »

How to Use: Colored or Metallic Pleated Skirt

Metalized or colored, pleated skirt appears in looks the most different styles: whether it’s a footprint more rocker, or totally delicate and feminine You’ve probably seen in fashion editorials, or even the streets, looks beautiful as centerpiece the pleated skirt. I fell in love with them! This skirt style accordion came out back in a Prada • Read More »

How to Use Flare Pants Without Error

Beautiful, stylish and perfect for those who want to lengthen the silhouette, the pants flare is wildcard to any time of day The flare pants became popular there in the years 70 and since then never came out of the closet of the fashionistas – and mine too! Fairest at the hip and thighs, it’s • Read More »

How to Use Denim Shirt

The jeans were always very present in the lives of women. Is a practical tissue, that shapes the body, has several models and colours, combines with almost everything and is an excellent option for those who are in a hurry and don’t have a lot of patience to choose a look more diverse. We have • Read More »

How to Use Floral Print

Large, small, on rent … learn how to use the floral print, a trend that comes with everything in the hottest season of 2017 Already gave notice that I have a crush on floral print, right? Be in shirts, long skirts or dresses, I think the flowers give lightness and femininity into visual, without making • Read More »

How to Use Bandanas

Accessories are always welcome on the look and they give a visual upgrade. The bandana is an accessory that not everyone has the versatility to use and so end up getting in the back of a drawer. However, they are great to do different hairstyles and several famous use the bandana. Learn good ways to • Read More »