Actor Peter Dinklage, Cover of The Special Issue of ‘Esquire’ Style

It is clear that the world of fashion is expanding more and more towards cannons that once would have been unthinkable. Perhaps someone thought once that a person who suffers from dwarfism could be cover of a magazine as an example of style? Fortunately, the answer to this question is Yes.

5 Outfits to Take into Account The Lookbooks of Spring 2014

Brands have already launched their campaigns, we have been telling you in Jezebel man the last few weeks, but we also have to take into account the firms lookbook, the proposal that make us brands to bring their collections.

The Guess Denim for Spring-Summer 2014

We are seeing trends for spring-summer 2014 and now comes the signature campaign Guess with a clear ambition, denim, woven shown in all the clothes and that is willing to conquer us (again).

Nothing like Starting The Spring with a Good Dose of Denim in The Hands of H & M

The everlasting denim that gives us so much war and headaches… Although during the winter we have seen him rarely, with good weather proliferate the total look in denim as if they were mushrooms and, of course, the big companies low cost they know how take the pull-out a thematic collection appropriate for the occasion.

What’s New from Raf Simons for Fred Perry Is Here

We have new Alliance of brand name and designer and the of RAF Simons with Fred Perry does not catch us unprepared because on more than one occasion they have collaborated on a collection. What has prepared us this time?

Discovering Five Essential Seasonal (I)

In the drafting of Jezebel man We are always communicating through sayings or metaphors. For example, each morning, entered in the office shouting: ‘ come on guys! To whom madruga, Mr Amancio help! ´. This fun, also extends to the rhymes and I therefore believe that our articles have a strange obsession with the number five…

Basic Spring (I): for All

We are already in March and the change of season is imminent. Maybe that time accompanied not yet, but we must be prepared with our Basic spring When, by surprise, get good weather. Today we inaugurate the section with one of the trends that stick strong. We are confident that all are going to fall, if it • Read More »

Bracelet Watches Collect: Longines Conquest Chrono

A collector presents his clocks In search of a third Chrono, I noticed the Longines conquest of. An interesting symbiosis between restrained elegance, masculine sportiness and a portion of avant-garde. This watch is always happy to wear, and somehow it dissolves even after more months wear still a feeling of happiness. It is one of • Read More »

Naughty Accessories

When we lived in the same city for a longer period of time, it is easy to get a little snowbound on retail supply. I’ve come up with myself to take roughly the same round on the town several times in a row. In the hope of finding something new I slip through the same • Read More »

The Semi Jewels

You’re beginning to your journey as entrepreneur is normal to have doubts which semi jewels must be present on the display, but, don’t worry, this question always arises. In all the years of experience and accompanying each application and each customer that we serve here in the company, we know uptight which items can not • Read More »

Crafts Made in Cabinets

Crafts made in cabinets refresh the environment instantly and can be very cheap, depending on the technique used. Renew the decoration of your space betting on crafts made in cabinets, and in any closet;kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, pantry and even the living room if in your living room you have incorporated a cabinet.

Asus Zenfone Ar 128 Gb

A hot Tango Conclusion of the 04.08.2017 The ASUS Zenfone AR leaves a good impression in the test though – still is denying its experimental character, not by the hand. Because ASUS implements a special camera system for augmented reality applications, as it has arguably Apple for the iPhone 8 in mind. This isn’t really • Read More »

Bait for Fishing Catfish

Bait to fish for extreme effectiveness Do bait for fishing catfish this cream?… that I asked myself the first time I saw the famous “7 Secret”.

Bluetooth Connected LED Bulb

Do you know the bluetooth led bulb? If not, here are some directions. Would you like to light up a room for entertaining guests for an evening with a thousand lights, but you hesitate, especially when you see already what will be your electricity bill. You are manager of a dancing, but lights are not • Read More »