Naughty Accessories

When we lived in the same city for a longer period of time, it is easy to get a little snowbound on retail supply. I’ve come up with myself to take roughly the same round on the town several times in a row. In the hope of finding something new I slip through the same old shops, fingers on the same old garments and noted repeatedly that the price of that bag is way too high for it to be worthy of my attention. Therefore, it is a pure delight to see how the internet evolves over time, and how shops that would never have been able to start that physical store grows up and becomes small gold mines, spots, or whatever you want to call their shoppingoaser in the Web wilderness.

Naughty Accessories 1

One such place is Maybe not news to many of you, but then I suspect that it is not yet too many who have taken the step out and actually placed an order thought I still describe the concept a bit.

Marcus and Linda started its online store in February 2004. The range consists of bags and accessories, handmade in unique copies. Most likely a time-consuming work, but precisely for this reason very inspiring and inviting. Color and pattern choices testifies of creative and colourful shop owners and then just color is something that is used far too low in the classic dressy fashion is Olydigs niche clear as a Bell.

Naughty Accessories 2

Self made I kind of thing and bought a bag of fresh Manolo-orange in the picture above. The price of 500:-is perhaps just a bit higher than what you would pay for a mass-produced copies, but taking into account the work done is the price clearly affordable. In addition, shipping is included in the price and friendly service, which is significantly more than what the larger online stores offer.

Of course, the bag that it is handmade, disappointed, I had been otherwise, but it is at the same time, well-sewn and not a bit noisy with the bag’s “interior design”. Three generous bypass makes it an excellent solution for the laptop. So far, however, I have bad with matching accessories, but it may solve themselves. Accompanying hand-made and hand-written message is helping to purchase feels the least motivated.

Naughty Accessories 3

Disobedient is exactly the kind of online store that makes the internet a highly interesting shopping spree and the market is still far from saturated. So start up your little online store and we will act!

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