Men’s Shirts with Prints

Today’s man searches as much as women use trends and fashion trends, so today we’re going to talk about men’s shirts with 2017 prints showing what’s new and looks that can be made up. Did you like the subject today? So keep reading more about men’s shirts with 2017 prints.

Men’s shirts with prints 2017 will bring a lot of color and diversity of prints, but the models can be simpler or more flashy. To follow our post on the trends of men’s shirts with prints, see our latest selection to inspire you in the models:

Men’s Shirts With Prints 2017

On catwalks of great parades that dictate the fashion in all the world was possible to know what the market will present as a trend in   men’s shirts with prints for 2017 , we gathered these news and then we brought a post stuffed for you.

Men's Shirts with Prints 1

Men’s Shirts With Floral Patterns 2017

The models with floral prints were a fever last season, however the style fell in the taste of men and remains strong between the 2017 models.

This print is very summer and combines perfectly with milder occasions like a meeting with friends.

Men Shirts with Discrete Prints 2017

The simplest and discrete prints also come on the scene, and it’s an option for men who still do not wear printed shirts.

The more discreet prints may contain fewer colors and designs, the photos you give the better:

Men's Shirts with Prints 2

Men’s Shirts With African Prints 2017

African colors and shapes have invaded the fashion market, and now they are on men’s shirts. This tendency is indicated for men more stripped, and can be combined with jeans to maintain the balance, in the photos you can check this model better:

Mens Shirts With Prints Striped 2017

The striped shirts arrive as a trend in 2017, but the stripes will come wider giving more mark to the model.

The stripes are jolly and make the model easier to match as it is a discrete pattern, see:

Men’s Shirts With Prints Short Sleeve 2017

With the heat of virtually every season it is much more comfortable to wear short sleeve shirts. To make the short sleeve shirt more stylish, you only have to place the prints, so be inspired by the ideas that we separate:

Men's Shirts with Prints 3

Men’s Shirts with Prints 2017: Tips

For those who have never worn a more printed men’s shirt we have tips that will help you not to make mistakes, when composing the look look for:

  • Wear printed shirt with basic pants;
  • To be more social use the shirt inside;

For a clean air use the shirt outside the pants;

  • You can combine the look with both sneakers and shoes;
  • Avoid exaggerations of accessories;
  • Let the attention of the look be only on the printed shirt.